by lflanders 22 Jul 2012

I am having a bit of a problem on Cute today. I can not get the flowers to work. Is it only me or is there something wrong with them? Hugs, Linda


by muflotex 22 Jul 2012

works from Germany too 8-)

by sewmom 22 Jul 2012

Several of Veronika's sites are slow this morning.

by rescuer Moderator 22 Jul 2012

The changes to the site may cause temporary quirks. Remember to be patient as Ms. Veronika makes changes while, at the same time, leaving the site up and functioning 24/7
Everytime there is a "problem" just think -- changes are coming soon.

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noah by noah 22 Jul 2012

yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss:):)can't wait hugs

by shirlener88 22 Jul 2012

I just gave you one - so it worked for me.

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lflanders by lflanders 31 Jul 2012

Thanks Shirlene!