by skyannsgranny 22 Jul 2012

I am loosing my mind. Suddenly, like in a blink, I open my desktop folder with embroidery downloads. This is good. Open the 7.22 subfolder that I put the daily downloads in, then back that up to a USB thing. THERE ARE NO NAMES UNDER THE ITEMS. I prefer Thumbnail view. Switched to Icons, and there are the names. The other folder in the main folder is Control. That has the folders that I divide the designs into. NO NAMES.

Scan Disk, then system restore to yesterday. Still no names. Every other folder on the desktop is normal, just embroidery downloads.
Open new folder on desktop and move contents of 7.22 folder into this. Normal. Open second folder and move 7.22 into this one, Normal, until I name it Embroidery Downloads. Then no names.
So another new folder and named it downloads. This one works just fine. Normal.
Is it me or is this totally crazy?


by snowbird42 22 Jul 2012

try a different browser....soozie

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skyannsgranny by skyannsgranny 23 Jul 2012

Wasn't online. Was just working on the desktop folder.

by skyannsgranny 22 Jul 2012

It's fixed now. Except I can't name my desktop folder what I want to. But guess I should just be happy that my names are back. I move things into those folders so fast, I hardly have time to think anymore. And if it goes into the wrong one..............
Thanks for the tips.

by april22 22 Jul 2012

I always say, that there are gnomes in my computer, I think I'm right, sometimes they do things that I do not want.And your not crazy*******

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Jul 2012

This is why I just hate computers. They are useful tools, but they do have a mind of their own. Who says we haven't invented artificial intelligence yet, sometimes I can HEAR this thing laughing at me. I haven't a clue what the problem may be, except if you have a lot of things on your desktop, and you're using thumbnails, you're just out of memory and the computer chooses to display the thumbs rather than the names. When I download anything, I download it to the folder it's going to live it right away, not to the desktop. Even zip files, because then I can unzip them from the folder to the same folder or sub-folders without having to put too much thought into the process. I'm running Windows XP, and refuse to upgrade to anything else, because 7 has been 'dumbed-down' to lower end users, and I'm assuming 8 will be even worse. This means the computer program has more control than you do, essentially, it does what it darn well pleases. This old dinosaur still speaks DOS, and I miss it terribly. Best of luck with this, don't know what else to tell you. Hugs, Marji

by shirlener88 22 Jul 2012

I would say it isn't you and you are not totally crazy. Try rebooting and see if they come back up.

by cfidl 22 Jul 2012

Explorer does do weird things some times, I just close it and restart. I get a lot of another program is using file, so I may have to close other programs or reboot. It is not jerry-rigged, it is the "god" that computer techs can not explain.! LLDS!

by meganne 22 Jul 2012

I often lose the names under my thumbnails even when I have two identical folders open, side by side, one will have the names the second one won't. I usually just shut down explorer, reboot my laptop and they come back again until next time.
I just figure it is a problem with insufficient RAM to show all the pictures as well as the names, especially if I have been opening and closing lots of files, web pages, etc. since I last did a complete shut down.

Did you try just shutting down completely to refresh your system? might be all you need.
hugs n roses, Meganne

skyannsgranny by skyannsgranny 22 Jul 2012

But it was only in that one folder. All of the others were fine.
I rebooted. Then I shut down instead of restart and then started. Nothing.

meganne by meganne 22 Jul 2012

YUP! I know your frustration, but I too have no explanation for it, if I did I could stop my computer from doing it for no good reason other than draining my patience and sanity. I am also running XP, feel the same as Marji does. try changing views & see what happens.????

meganne by meganne 22 Jul 2012

what happens.???? Remember the old Outer Limits theme music, you could hum that when the little men come to take you away like I do... do, do, do, do, do, do do do hahahahaha............

skyannsgranny by skyannsgranny 22 Jul 2012

Changed views to anything except Thumbnail and it was showing the names. I love XP Pro and dread the day I have to get another OS. I hate vista. Would not have it if you gave it to me. And haven't found much I like about 7. Can't use any of my good old programs.

by skyannsgranny 22 Jul 2012

Oh, also did a virus and malware check on everything. All is clean.