by kitty2011 22 Jul 2012

Has my avi picture gone, or is it just me that can't see it??

The flower images have gone too :(


by sewdeb 22 Jul 2012

I see you, too and have planed another flower in your garden.

by leenova54 22 Jul 2012

I see it and your flower # too! You have 7731 before I click on it! Hugs!

by blueeyedblonde 22 Jul 2012

you're here!

by shirlener88 22 Jul 2012

I see your little mouse.

by drro 22 Jul 2012

Don't worry; I can see your avatar, your name and your flowers! You are still here with me, hugs and god bless!

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Jul 2012

Just a reminder, Veronika is working on the sites while they are up and running, occasionally we're going to get little glitches like this, they won't last too long, hopefully. I think this is what caused the disappearance of your mousie, and the flower images. I've had this happen several times, but it hasn't lasted too long each time. Hang in there, progress is in the works, hugs, Marji

by kitty2011 22 Jul 2012

Oh OK thanks... all I can see is my name :(

... guess it will come back in good time.

by snowbird42 22 Jul 2012

i can see it too...soozie

by gerryvb 22 Jul 2012

I see a very cute mouse :)

by meganne 22 Jul 2012

Nope, I can see your little Missmouse, Kitty. :-)))