by raseitz 20 Jul 2012

Another thread question....does anyone use Robison-Anton variegated thread? If so, where do you purchase yours?



by oaro 20 Jul 2012

try Joan fabrics store my have or some quilting dealers if you have one around you.Maria

by clawton 20 Jul 2012

I buy mine from my local Viking dealer. I try to wait until they have specials like buy 3 get one free.

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Jul 2012

I don't use the variegated, but my dealer sells RA thread. I have a lot of the regular colors, but they're almost $6US a spool, the variegated even more. That's why I investigated the Metro threads, and like the ones I've used so far. They do have variegated thread, and I think Designs by Sick has variegated as well, also solar active. I guess it depends where you are, what the postage would be. Good luck, hugs, Marji

by 1sewnsew 20 Jul 2012


by janetedna 20 Jul 2012

I've got plain colours and like the thread, I got it here in the UK from They have variegated threads for £3.50 for 640 metres. I don't know any other country info. Jan

by pennyhal 20 Jul 2012

I have no idea and have been looking for a site to buy RA thread for a while now. So far, it is too expensive.

raseitz by raseitz 20 Jul 2012

Another cutie recommended and I have been buying from them for a cpl months. They have Madeira and RA in Rayon and Poly. There prices are reasonable I think. I just can't find variegated on there site :(

1sewnsew by 1sewnsew 20 Jul 2012


by shirlener88 20 Jul 2012

I do not - so will send this to the top for others to view.

by scrappinhappie 20 Jul 2012

I have maybe a dozen different colors but don't use it because it is so expensive here were I live