by mlbell70 19 Jul 2012

Have any of you Cuties got the answer to the riddle at OPW "what letter of the alphabet has got lots of water?" the___I tried every letter to no avail. could someone give me a "little clue"?


by oigelcox 21 Jul 2012

The answer is C (sea). Hugs Joyce

by bowlds 21 Jul 2012

Maybe this will spoil the fun....but, you can just paste the question in to Google and it will give you the answer....any riddle, Google knows!

by greysewist Moderator 21 Jul 2012

Not sure if this is the right area, but those who wanted to find it may be able to get there from here.

by mlbell70 21 Jul 2012

Thanks to all of you who helped me I got the pretty design of the fruit basket., Mary Lou

by mlbell70 21 Jul 2012

OH MY..I did not think to type in the THE Thank you, Thank You all,can't wait to go and try it.

by suzeqc 20 Jul 2012

i know i had trouble also and tried every letter-before i realized i had to type in the whole answer including "the"--hope you got it with all the cuties help! enjoy your day-suze

by jerrib 20 Jul 2012

Can you post the link for this alpha?

by sewfrenzie 20 Jul 2012

Did you try the ocean or Sea?

by linda8450 20 Jul 2012

I had gone through the whole alpha as well, finally found the key....type the "clue" as it is shown, spaces and all and then add the answer. Not the usual way it is answered!

by lindalee757 20 Jul 2012

you know you can always google the questions up you can figure the answer out-this was pretty easy though-the last entry was correct-the "C"

by enchantedstitches 20 Jul 2012

The C

by jerrib 20 Jul 2012

What is the alpha?

linda8450 by linda8450 20 Jul 2012

It isn't an alpha, it is a clue using a letter of the alphabet to solve the puzzle for free design on OPW

jerrib by jerrib 20 Jul 2012

Sounds like fun, can you give us the link.

mlbell70 by mlbell70 21 Jul 2012

I am sorry I do not know how to do that. google OPW and look for the riddle game on that site.

by greysewist Moderator 19 Jul 2012

You must have missed just one, I'd say :)

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 21 Jul 2012

I didn't type the word THE

by drro 19 Jul 2012

Google the question and you will find the answer:>)

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 20 Jul 2012

lol-sorry-I didn't look at everyone's entry before I posted mine-yup google it-I agree

by lilylady 19 Jul 2012

I would say maybe P, Would that be nasty!

greysewist by greysewist 19 Jul 2012

I see you as being cheeky LOL (and cheeky people are my favourites!)

christracey by christracey 20 Jul 2012

I thought the same

mlbell70 by mlbell70 21 Jul 2012