by lflanders 18 Jul 2012

Can someone please post the site for the 10 minute table runner. I failed to save it and would love to try the design for my DIL. Thanks ahead of time. I think it was one that the two sisters posted on their site but not sure. I am old and my body is worn out but up until just lately, I thought my mind was doing okay.I just might have to rethink that one!!!!!


by mysugarfootswife 22 Jul 2012

I grabbed it too. Thanks

by ethan 22 Jul 2012

To save utube vidio clips. go to utube and find the vidio that you want to save, Highlight and copy the url address then open a new tab and google keepvid. open, delete url address and post the utube address into space. Go down the page and highlight MP4. This should save it.

by shirlener88 18 Jul 2012

I see you have found it and have bookmarked it as well. Hehehe!

by jaddas 18 Jul 2012

Where is??

by lilylady 18 Jul 2012

ten minute table runner

by mana 18 Jul 2012


by cfidl 18 Jul 2012

Here is Shirlene's post for the 10 minute table runner. I believe her links work. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

cfidl by cfidl 18 Jul 2012

The first link that is not posted as a link works.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Jul 2012