by Simplesewer1 17 Jul 2012

Well we are getting rain Finally !! almost two months no rain and now we are getting alittle not enough to water what we needed watered but its a lot cooler


by blueeyedblonde 18 Jul 2012

We just can't seem to win! Either we get too much rain or not enough! The weather should realize where it's supposed to rain because it's too dry and send it there! When oh when will he ever learn! hee hee!

by lique 18 Jul 2012

After being soaked for the third time today I would love to have some drier weather!

by oigelcox 18 Jul 2012

I wish I could send you some of ours It has been raining since last December we cant be called the Sunshine State anymore it is wet wet wet. Hugs Joyce

by gerryvb 18 Jul 2012

oh dear here it's just the other around. almost two month of rain now :( perhaps when we all blow in the righty direction we can get those rain clouds at your place....

by justsew 18 Jul 2012

we could do with getting rid of some in UK.. were are you??
Hugs Pam.

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Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 18 Jul 2012

US Indiana

by airyfairy 18 Jul 2012

I will send you some of ours - 200 mls in 3 days.

by cfidl 17 Jul 2012

Great news! Where are you?

by nannynorfolk 17 Jul 2012

We have plenty of rain here in the UK !!! ;-(
sending some your way ;)
hugs Marie

by mranderson 17 Jul 2012

You should have asked sooner. I would gladly send you some rain if I could. LOL. We are trying to harvest the sugarcane and 3 months of fine weather would be lovely. I am in Oz, where are you? Hugs Marg