by Simplesewer1 17 Jul 2012

How do I change my sign on name I am divorced and its a combination of mine and his name combined Any help would be great . Thanks


by airyfairy 18 Jul 2012

You can change your avatar but not your name. Sarah.

by lilylady 18 Jul 2012

welcome to my world. I divorced a BOB TOO! I sent test a PM and they changed my E-mail, so could try that and see if they will change your name.

by shuede 17 Jul 2012

If you have to open a new account, maybe everyone can join in and build your garden quickly! Denise

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shuede by shuede 17 Jul 2012

Just let us know your new name!

by marjialexa Moderator 17 Jul 2012

I don't think you can, Lynn. I don't think you could even before we lost some of the site features. If you don't mind losing your flowers, why not just open a different account to use on the site. The one you have now will remain, if you have made purchases to re-download, just use this account. You'd have to try it, I'm not sure you can have two accounts coming from the same computer address. Maybe somebody else will have a better, easier idea? Hope so, hate to see the flowers gone for you. Hugs, Marji