by olds 17 Jul 2012

Does anyone know where I can get an emb design of Potatoe/potatoes to sew on a bag

to cook in the microwave? I have looked for
material, but haven't found any potatoes.
Thanks Maureen


by blueeyedblonde 18 Jul 2012

I've had one of these for yrs. and wore it out - got it at a garage sale! Now I made a new one, made sure I had 100% cotton material, warm tater batting and never thought about the thread - just used what was on my serger. Had it a couple months and it caught fire - not where the thread was used on the seams, but just above centre. (I wasn't home - happened to hubby - he hasn't done a potato in micro since.)
I found potato material both for the red and white potato (they also had corn material).

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gerryb by gerryb 19 Jul 2012

I've used Rayon for emb on them. Also just use Coats&Clark all purpose to sew them up. Maybe hubby cooked it too long? I always wrap my tater in a damp paper towel too.

by gerryvb 18 Jul 2012

some patatoes here too :)

by bevintex 17 Jul 2012

here they are,freebies

cfidl by cfidl 17 Jul 2012

Thanks I was looking for that! LLDS!

olds by olds 17 Jul 2012

Thanks,I had to download 3 times and then
do open to get the designs. I kept getting
Not a valid file message. I'll work on this tomorrow. Maureen

gerryb by gerryb 18 Jul 2012

Did you click on the zip file download up at the top over the 2 tater files? I have made these for yrs & love them. And, yes, only use cotton!!

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jul 2012

Be careful to use only 100% cotton in microwave bags. The poly threads and others catch fire. Good luck!

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olds by olds 17 Jul 2012

Thanks for telling me about cotton thread.
I'll see what I have. I have cotton batting and material. Maureen