by designcrazy 16 Jul 2012

I'm in need of some clever ideas for "Back To School" projects,does anyone have ideas you could share? Thanks


by gerryvb 17 Jul 2012

you can use some ITH zipperbags as a little bag for pencils? or a big bag for school

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gerryvb by gerryvb 17 Jul 2012

on these links you can find many other projects too. Enjoy :)

by muflotex 17 Jul 2012

not embroidery but looots of inspiration

by janetedna 17 Jul 2012

Digi stitches sent me a 'back to school' email this am. I haven't looked yet but might be useful. Jan

by bevgrift 17 Jul 2012

Hi, my kids loved tote bags, for library books or gym kit. Luggage/tags pulls for the zips on school bags.
Happy Stitching!

by bevintex 16 Jul 2012

If you need designs or appliques lynniepennie has a sale going on now through July 21st. All single designs just .50 cents, some nice stuff for the younger crowd.

by capoodle 16 Jul 2012

Are these for students and what grade or for a teacher? For a student a zipper pencil/crayon case. For a teacher a design on a tote bag.

by rachap 16 Jul 2012

Could some of the darling Peg cozies that one of the Cuties has done be made for pencil toppers?

by lilylady 16 Jul 2012

the patch that urban threads has for free today is cute for school.

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designcrazy by designcrazy 16 Jul 2012

Thanks, lilylady, I'll take a look at it.

by bevintex 16 Jul 2012

Something to consider.Do not put childs name on backpacks,jackets,clothing etc. You don't want a stranger calling your child by his name.

dino by dino 16 Jul 2012

Good reminder. Something we need to be aware of. Thanks.

designcrazy by designcrazy 16 Jul 2012

bevintex, thank you for the reminder, we can't be too careful these days.

pennyhal by pennyhal 17 Jul 2012

Names can go inside things out of view.