by suelyn7 15 Jul 2012

hicuties, I am looking to do some embroidery on soap (starting christmas presents early) can any-one recommend where to go to get some small designs suitable for this. I presume you use FSL design or maybe not... HELP Please


by pennyhal 03 Sep 2012

I've been looking for small bars of soap to just put in a basket. I can't imagine anyone actually using one!

by justsew 02 Sep 2012

This is a good question, I have had a go at soap and tiolwt paper and they are so much fun. and now I will have a go at a candle too.
Huga pam.

by suelyn7 16 Jul 2012

thank you all for you tips and help and ideas. I have just upload the soap and candle to projects and I cant tell you how pleased i am it turned out so well. best wishes and thanks to all who helped me.

by airyfairy 16 Jul 2012

Last week I tried the embroidery on soap for our July Challenge. Because I know that the soap has to be free of writing the only soap I could get was a bar of glycerin soap. It has not been a huge success as the top of the soap has taken days to dry and is still sticky. I wish you lots of luck as with the right soap it should be easy. Sarah.

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suelyn7 by suelyn7 16 Jul 2012

Thank you I never thought about the kind of soap I would use. Maybe I will buy some of the hand made ones you buy a craft fairs they are going to be Xmas gifts so I don't mind paying a bit more for them . Anyway I am going to do a trial run in a few minutes. Will let you know how it goes.

by dollygk 16 Jul 2012

Look into your pattern stash, if you have an editor program, delete all but the area you like and use that for tiny designs that will work well! You can see a sample of how I did this for soap.

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suelyn7 by suelyn7 16 Jul 2012

Yes that seems a great idea, I do have some lovely lace designs that will work and maybe as suggested before I could use these with Mylar too. Thanks for your tip

by shirlener88 15 Jul 2012

here is a recent project posting.

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suelyn7 by suelyn7 15 Jul 2012

Thanks they are really cute, maybe I could do similar to these for the kids, might just get them to remember there is soap in the bathroom. Lovely to hear from you, I really hope you are well thank you

by cfidl 15 Jul 2012

Does not have to be FSL. You can really use any design that stitches on organza. I bet you could even use mylar. I think any less dense design would work and you can enlarge a design by 5-8% also. Here are 2 previous discussions. Lastly is tutorial I thought most informative. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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suelyn7 by suelyn7 15 Jul 2012

Thank you so much for your quick response you have given me all I need thanks. I am going to give it a go and maybe post in projecys if it turns out ok. thanks again you are a star.