by lflanders 13 Jul 2012

Anything said on this site as well as millions more can be googled and are there for the whole world to see! Posting this because of the email notice to a Cutie. It is dangerous to post your email so everyone has access. Do remember, most everything you post on any site can be googled and it becomes public to any and everyone! Never post that you are going to be out of town or anything personal. It is inviting trouble for you, your family and your home!


by kiffuri 14 Jul 2012

I agree.

by chenille 14 Jul 2012


by zoefzoef 14 Jul 2012


by gramsbear 13 Jul 2012

Everytime I see domeone who has posted their email on Cute, I SHUDDER!!! If you want another Cutie to email you--- PM them your address. That is "Private Message" to new Cuties. Miss Veronika was so very sweet to give us the PM option, use it????? Hugs, Judy

by cj2sew 13 Jul 2012

Very good advice. I think that needs to be put on the HOME page to remind people.

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lflanders by lflanders 14 Jul 2012

You are very right about posting it at the top of this site! Not everyone knows alot aout computers until they have been using them for awhile. By then it is usually too late to correct what has already been said or done! Another Cutie and I got in a conversation about it one day and we both went back to track and was amazed at just how much and how far back we read things we had posted...not just here but everywhere we post anything of any kind. We both were able to track back our history of old, old addresses etc. The computer has gotten alot of people in serious trouble. Before you write anything online, stop and think if it is something that you would want everyone to know!!

by lbrow 13 Jul 2012

You are absolutely right Linda / Noww please amswer my email/Lillian

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lflanders by lflanders 14 Jul 2012

Lillian, I would be glad to answer your email but I can not find one from you. I tried to call you at 750PM Saturday and got the answering machine. I will try back later and again tomorrow if I don't get you tonight. I went back 800 emails on Yahoo and do not have anything here. I know I am half blind but I looked 2 times through the emails. Hugs, Linda

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Jul 2012

That's a great reminder, also, Linda! Search engines latch onto words or phrases, from absolutely anywhere on the internet. I guess that's why I don't understand people using Facebook and such sites, putting their whole life out there permanently for all to see. May as well give the robbers a key...I've been surprised many times searching a word, and have several posts from Cute show up unexpectedly, highlighting that word. And it never goes away! One time I pulled up a post I had made on a site way back in 1994. Please think before you 'let your fingers do the walking' over the keyboard--do you want your kids to accidentally come across your post, or your husband, or sister, brother, mother, father, Pastor, Elders of your church? Who knows what word they might be searching that's in your post & pops up with your name attached? The internet is amazing, educational, fun, and connects people all over the world as never before, and can be so enjoyable for many, remember how much fun Miss Loretta had here, & she was a shut-in. But the internet also has it's dark side, never forget it. Please be safe, and thanks again, Linda. Hugs, Marji

daisy530 by daisy530 14 Jul 2012

So true! When I googled my real name 2 things show--one for a donation I just made for a cancer walk, and the other was a congrats note that I posted to a couple along with a gift for their marriage. I'll think twice about even donating via the net--both sites were secure, but not the messages.

daisy530 by daisy530 14 Jul 2012

was going to say both sites were secure, but the message sections were public.

by gerryb 13 Jul 2012

Now if I can just convience my family of this!! But we don't post anything about going anywhere..just when we get back!

by draco 13 Jul 2012

Good advice !!! *

by shirley124 13 Jul 2012

Great advice

by lidiad 13 Jul 2012

I agree. Hugs, Lidia