by lflanders 11 Jul 2012

The CUTE new frogs are adorable and bring back alot of childhood memories! My Mom was deathly afraid of frogs and of course as life would have it, I was a tomboy growing up and we had a creek running next to our house. I was never to go down there alone...yea... but I have always been a "free spirit"! I would collect the tadpoles and bring them home and that was fine because they lived in a jar or a tub of water....until they got their legs. I had my fannie dusted many a time for picking at Mom with the frogs! Mind you, I never got into any kind of trouble in my life but even at 65, I am still a free spirit. I was really thrilled when I had a son instead of a daughter! He was still alot of fun to be around until he got married and then he was gone, well almost. He married a whole family so he is always very busy! I got to live through my childhood twice by having a son! I never played with dolls but always had a baseball/bat/tennis racket/or a basketball in my hands. Needless to say, I was a Daddy's girl. He would leave Mom at home and take me fishing. Mom did not like to fish either. I can't wait to do some of the frogs for my GG sons!


by gerryvb 11 Jul 2012

thank you for the story, by the way : I love frogs! I have a little pool in my garden with 5 goldfishes. They are nice, But i love it when I see a frog comes to visit my pool too. I think they are adorable and so are the frogs here on Cute ! Miss Veronika did a great job again. Hugs, Gerry

by sarahrose 11 Jul 2012

What a trip down memory lane. Good luck with your new frog designs.

by mana 11 Jul 2012

I do not understand frogs

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gerryvb by gerryvb 11 Jul 2012

you don't have to understand them , just watch them. That are so cute.

by blueeyedblonde 11 Jul 2012

Started reading this and where it cuts off so you have to click on it to read the rest - well, I just knew you were not going to leave the frogs alone! Good story!

by dilceia 11 Jul 2012

Beautiful story, my dear Linda!
Back to childhood, it is always good!
Good to see you! You write so well!

I hate sapo!