by wp1012 09 Jul 2012

Hello Cuties. I need your HELP. I have a Babylock Ellure Plus. When lowering the presser foot to embroider my light will not turn green and sew. It gives me the message to lower the presser foot. But it is already in thet position. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, what did you do to correct this problem? Thanks in advance Peg.


by lyns 09 Jul 2012

I had a brother 3100 (ULT2003) do the same thing. With help from Ann's fix it page I was able to fix it. If you look under "Foot sensor" my sensor arm had come loose. It was a tiny grub screw that needed tightening. Have a look, it might be something you can fix yourself. good luck. xx

awesome1 by awesome1 10 Jul 2012

I have a 2003 ULT, but I never knew it was a designated "3100" - learning after owning it for 9 years! Thanks for info, lyns.

awesome1 by awesome1 10 Jul 2012

And BTW, Ann's fixit tute is a great 'do it yourself' for this machine--prob other models also.

by greysewist Moderator 09 Jul 2012

I wonder if it's related genetically to my Juki(sewing/quilting machine),LOL. When I use the knee lift it does the same thing. I've come to realise that the knee lift has come loose in the socket and doesn't return properly, so if I nudge it back to the left, it behaves :)