by gandu 09 Jul 2012

Calling all cuties for help I just saw brothers pe500 and se400 embroidery machine and liked it and want to give my sis in law a birthday present. she is not very good with machines so what do you all think about it will she be able to handle that?


by airyfairy 10 Jul 2012

I think you have a very lucky SIL. What an amazing present. Sarah.

by momhome 10 Jul 2012

What a great sister-in-law you are. I hope she enjoys and tries to figure out whatever machine that you get for her. Maybe you could help her out via email or some type of face to face internet like skype. Goodluck.

by gandu 10 Jul 2012

Thanks every one my sis in law is interested in sewing the problem is i will not be there to show her she stay in another country I am sure she will be able to learn she has sewing machines both are mine though now of course is hers I am thinking of se 400 may be pe 500 not much difference in price . Thanks you all Brenz

by lidiad 09 Jul 2012

If she likes to create what you create and would like to start sewing and embroidering, then one of these entry-level machines should be fine, as long as you are willing to take the time to teach her.

Since she is "not very good with machines", she would probably be apprehensive and intimidated by the machine, as it happened to a friend of mine, who was waiting to her hubby to read the user manual and teach her what to do, even for attaching the embroidery arm to the machine, so she did not use the embroidery function for months because her hubby was too busy.

If you are willing to take the time and show her what to do, she will be encouraged and happy to create beautiful projects by herself.

Hugs, Lidia

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lidiad by lidiad 09 Jul 2012

Correction: .... as it happened to a friend of mine, who was waiting FOR her hubby to read the user manual and teach her....

by cfidl 09 Jul 2012

She will be fine as long as she is willing to read the manual. This is really a must for any new machine owner. We have 2 since we really like them, the only drawback is the small image area.

by alexgrandma 09 Jul 2012

It depends on the person..I wanted to get my DIL an embroidery machine/ sewing machine. She only wanted a sewing machine since she thought that the embroidery machine was to complicated. I went to a dealer that she could go for help. That was 3 years ago. She took it out of the box once that I know of. She is the one that asked for a sewing machine!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jul 2012

Please would you be my sister in law?

by graciegirl 09 Jul 2012

Will the place that you purchase it from give her support and lessons?

by jussyc 09 Jul 2012

I have the se400 and love it :D There are many tutorials on you tube, and of course loads of scrumptious designs for her to try out here at CuteE.
Either or, your SIL is very lucky.

by hightechgrammy 09 Jul 2012

Does she like sewing or fabrics? Would someone be able to teach her how to use it? How fun it would be to introduce her to the world of sewing - it could change her life :-)

by enchantedstitches 09 Jul 2012

I have the SE400,and I am a newbie, LOVE IT. Your sister in law is so lucky!

by dollygk 09 Jul 2012

Well I would seriously consider if she would actually be willing to study such a machine! You're sweet to want to buy it for her but think twice he he