by kitty2011 06 Jul 2012

Hi Cuties,

I have really missed you all.

Last week my computer died, which I now know is the worst thing next to your sewing machine not working... because I could not access any of my designs and was not us embird of course.... very sad week.

I'm finally up and running again now, but have to load everything back into my computer... BIG job.

I had asked a question here the day before
my laptop crashed, so please don't think I was being rude in not replying to you.

I'll now have to go search for it :)


by jrob Moderator 07 Jul 2012

Good to have you back and I'm happy for you that your computer problems are in the rear view mirror. Whew, back to sewing.;)

by kitty2011 07 Jul 2012

Thank you all for being so sweet.
I'm still at 6's & 7s.
Today I tried to retrieve all my email addresses., but alas I couldn't get them to migrate across, so I had to do it mannually, one at a time S L O W !!

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to sew yet... busy weekend here with family... maybe next week :)
hugs kitty

by zoefzoef 06 Jul 2012

Hello kitty ! How did you survive without computer ? And even no Sewing ...horrible ...Glad to hear everything is working again

by pennyhal 06 Jul 2012

Ugh. Makes you want to backup to one of those offsite places. I hate computer problems and car trouble. Take your time reloading your computer.

by cfidl 06 Jul 2012

Glad you are up and running again! Are you stitching or digitizing today? LLDS!

by bumblebee 06 Jul 2012

Glad you are back up- I know its a pain when computer not working.

by graciegirl 06 Jul 2012

You will get it done. I am sure of that.

by michemb 06 Jul 2012

Bumper when that happens, when mine is done for a few hours I panic LOL, cannot imagine an entire week.

by anangel 06 Jul 2012

Sorry you have had computer problems, Kitty, but welcome back!! I despise to have to deal with computer and embroidery machine problems, but it is all a necessary evil of living in the technical world that we do! But, life is good again, once we get all the quirks resolved!!

by nannynorfolk 06 Jul 2012

Welcome back kitty- we have missed you too :)

by kitty2011 06 Jul 2012

Oops.. should have read 'not able to use embird'

by devon 06 Jul 2012

Happy you are back with us. Hope everything goes well. DeVon