by olds 05 Jul 2012

Ok, about this time last year the different

companies were coming out with Christmas in July discounts and designs. So far this
year I have seen very little. Have I just
missed it? olds/Maureen


by grannieannie 06 Jul 2012

There are some " Christmas In July " patterns and instructions on (sewing Love their projects. Grannieannie

by graciegirl 06 Jul 2012

I also received some newsletters via email yesterday and today with Christmas in July as the theme.

by 1sewnsew 06 Jul 2012

Maureen, I saw 3 in the newsletter's earlier today. I bet they were waiting for the 4th to get over 1st.

by lidiad 06 Jul 2012

I have just received a newsletter from Oregon Patchwork regarding Christmas in July: 75% off from 62 designers. I haven't checked them yet.
Hugs, Lidia

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babie by babie 06 Jul 2012

Hmm - Have checked them , a few great designs but not really anything that I want. (The ones I want I already previously got on another sale)

by babie 06 Jul 2012

Hmmm - I also thought we would see Emb library's Christmas program already, but nothing yet. Hope they will have it again this year enjoyed it so much the year before last.

by bevintex 05 Jul 2012

Lace sale at Secrets of embroidery. Dainty Stitches throughout July. $1.00 lace singles. $1.50 for sets. some sets go for up to $20.00. I'm sure other sites will follow. One of the best sales I've seen so far.
fsl,battenburg and belgium lace

by sarahrose 05 Jul 2012

I haven't seen many this year either.