by raseitz 02 Jul 2012

Hello to all my cutie friends. I know mom has been busy so I thought I would tell you the latest about my designs.

I was/am in the process of rearranging the stitch order so you don't have to change thread a million times.

There's a hang-up tho. I am in the area that was affected by that storm in Northern Virginia on Friday. My power is out :( luckily our friends our housing us and our pup until it comes back. Power company says that could be as late as Thursday. I have my laptop, but ALL my designs are on my desktop at the house. I will see what I can do without reinventing my "wheel", but I'm not holding my breath.

I just wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about your or my alphabet, I'm just experiencing "technical difficulties" :)


by momhome 03 Jul 2012

We understand that completely. Glad you are safe and have a place to stay. We can wait.

by cjmelm 03 Jul 2012

Thank God your safe and have a place to stay.

by sdrise 03 Jul 2012

Hope you get the power back soon.. I know what it is like. We had a hurricaine last year and we were without power for a week. Funny how much we depend on it.. Thank God for good friends!Suzanne

by nhsmith55 03 Jul 2012

I hope you get your power back soon! I am in Central Virginia. (Richmond) We got hit bad on Friday's storm too, but not as bad as up there! Thank you for all you do for us Cuties. Enjoy this time of rest!

by 1sewnsew 03 Jul 2012

Thank you for letting us know. So I can keep my head straight about this, who is your mom? Thanks for your designs in DBC's.

by blueeyedblonde 03 Jul 2012

Main thing is you're ok and designs can wait.

by hightechgrammy 03 Jul 2012

I'm so glad you had friends who had the room to house you! I can't imagine what it's like to go so long without electricity - prayers are offered for all those who are without electricity - it can really be tough, even for one day! Hugs,

by noah 02 Jul 2012

ok what site are we talking about please??hugs

raseitz by raseitz 02 Jul 2012

I have been putting the alpha up in Designs by Cuties.

momhome by momhome 03 Jul 2012


by susiesembroidery 02 Jul 2012

Sorry to hear about your problems. Hope everything is well again very soon. Don't worry about the alphabet so much. It will keep and will be nice when we can get it again. Lovies and keep well. Lovely friends to help you out like this.****

by shilly 02 Jul 2012

So sorry you are having such a setback;don't worry about us fretting about the alphaabet, all will righ titself in time. So generous of you to think of others at such a time....

by justsew 02 Jul 2012

O dear hope all is well soon.
Hugs Pam.