by 1ladyb 30 Jun 2012

I have tried to upload my last project and can't seem to get it to go. I am not a paying member right now so is that the reason I can't upload a picture?

Thanks, Donna


by jofrog2000 30 Jun 2012

Here is an easy program to use for resizing your pictures. I just used it in my last project posting.

by bevinoz 30 Jun 2012

Hi Donna, do you have some program like NoScripts on your computer? My son put it on mine to stop adds etc as an extra level of safety/security and I have an 'Options' tab in the bottom right of my screen when I go online where I have to 'allow' the website before I can upload photos no matter what size they are. Hope you get it to upload soon. Bev.

by lbrow 30 Jun 2012

1lady as most have said, decrease the size of your pic. I usually make my photos 30% of their reg size and then have no problem. Just remember some times it takes a little while to upload if a lot of others are doing it at the same time./Lillian

by 1ladyb 30 Jun 2012

Thanks everyone for the tips on doing pictures. I did reduce the size of one of the pictures and it didn't help so I will try again to work it out. I'll take it back into paint and play with it more. I thought I had posted before so it may be my system acting up.I have cleaned files and disc drives and defragged,debugged and reloaded,updated so I am just missing some little thing I suppose. I'm going to do a test here. If you see a picture it worked if not well, back to the drawing board.
Thanks again,

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Jun 2012

Make sure your picture is in a JPEG format and not to big. You can resize it in the Paint program of Microsoft that is included with all PC's. Also most photo programs do have that featur of resizing.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 30 Jun 2012

Edit button please. I meant feature.

by meganne 30 Jun 2012

Hi Donna, if you need help resizing your picture you would be most welcome to send it to me if you can't do it yourself and I will fix it for you and send it back.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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lbrow by lbrow 30 Jun 2012

Always the thoughtful and helpful one Meg/Lillian

by lidiad 30 Jun 2012

I am not a paying member and I have always uploaded my pictures successfully. Just reduce the size of your picture (less pixels). Hugs, Lidia

by edithfarminer 30 Jun 2012

No that should make no difference. Have you made the picture less pixels? That might be a problem, hope other cuties can help more. Good luck edith