by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

So how many stitches do you get out of a full bobbin!

I made sure I filled up my bobbin before starting on a 5x7 design and still ran out of bobbin!

Very annoying to have to remove the hoop, when I'm trying to get the outline to line up properly.

Is there a trick., should I use finer bobbin thread, I'm using #90 at the moment.


by pennyhal 30 Jun 2012

Well, this is probably the main reason I stay with Bernina machines. I don't have to take the hoop off to change the bobbin. Sure, I do it by feel, but I've done it for so many years that it's a cinch. It seems like it would be so easy for the mfg. to move the bobbin waaaay off to the side so that we didn't have to remove the hoop, or quilt, or whatever we are sewing on to replace the bobbin.

by sarahrose 30 Jun 2012

I very rarely need 2 bobbins on any design. However if it is dense it might take the 2nd one.

by eastwitch2 29 Jun 2012

I believe that most good brands of Pre Wound bobbins are not coated with a waxy substance or any other substance.

Also NEB prewounds have more thread wound on them than other brands of L sized prewounds.

Nebs are L sized and have 131 yards of 60 weight thread on them.

A Class 15,size A pre wound bobbins are slightly taller than a Size L pre wound bobbin and hold more thead than the Size L pre wounds.

Pre wound bobbins very in price and this is due to the weight of the thread and the amount of thread wound on them.

So check when purchasing pre wounds to see how much thread they have on them.


by eastwitch2 29 Jun 2012

The #90 bobbin thread you have is one of the finest/ lightest weight bobbin thread made.

Most other bobbin thread is heavier weight such as a 60 weight or 70 or 75 weight.

So if you wind a bobbin with a 90 weight bobbin thread you should get more thread on the bobbin than you would winding a 60 weight thread on it.

The amount of both top thread and bobbin thread used in a design depends on the number of stitches in the design and also the typ of stitches.

A design with lots of satin stitches will use more thread than one that has fill stitches.


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eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 29 Jun 2012

If you wind a bobbin with 40 weight embroidery thread you will have less thread on your bobbin as the 40 weight is a heavier thread.

by graciegirl 29 Jun 2012

I like Joyce's (oigelcox) idea to use the machine to tell you how many stitches you have in your bobbin.

by oigelcox 29 Jun 2012

On my Janome 11000 I get 32000 stitches with bobbin thread and around 30000 with RA thread when doing FSL. I wind bobbins sometimes on my 6600 manual machine sometimes for my embroidery machine and I get about the same amount of stitches. Hugs Joyce

meganne by meganne 29 Jun 2012

You know, I've never even looked at the stitch count when refilling my bobbins. DOH!!! What a dope I am. LOL!!!

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

Thanks joyce., I should try looking at the stitch count too.

by 1sewnsew 29 Jun 2012

I guess it would depend on if it is bobbin thread or embroidery thread in your bobbin, too.

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kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

bobbin thread :)

by undergroundsue 29 Jun 2012

My machine has a stitch counter, so I filled a bobbin chose a large design and sewed it out. When I ran out of bobbin thread I had sewed approximately 30,000 stitches. Now I have an idea where to change out bobbins on really large designs.

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kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

Thank you, that's one way of working it out.. ingenious.

by biddysews 29 Jun 2012

I have 4 brother machines and there are 2 different bobbin fills for the bro machines you need to make sure you use the right one for your machine. one is on grey the other on white cone or whatever you call it, pre wound bobbins are handy and convienent but do cause problems as they are wound with a waxy type subtance it causes resistance and residue as there is no imediate problem no one notices but over time unless you have constant regular service it is not recomended to use. hoever to get more out of my brother bobbins as they are small i use a bobbin winder they fill it a little further.

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kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

Oh., that's interesting about the pre-wound.
I do know about the 2 different bobbin threads though, as I have two brothers and they both use different thread grey #60 green #90.

Mind you, I still don't truly understand why.

by cfidl 29 Jun 2012

My Brother sure likes brother bobbin thread. I tried filtech and it fell apart (not sure of its age) and found some Resant Brand from Europe and it is working great also. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

cfidl by cfidl 29 Jun 2012

To answer your question, none of my machines load a bobbin well or full as my oldest machine, so I run out also doing a 57 design.

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

You just gave me a great idea.
Maybe I could use my old elna sewing machine to wind the bobbins for my brother emb... I could end up with more thread on the bobbin..

but then again, that's another machine I'd have to find a place on the bench

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

meganne by meganne 29 Jun 2012

Kitty , Elna and Brother use the same bobbins and yes, I wind my bobbins on my old Elna because it winds them more tightly & more filled than my embroidery machines. I also have a bobbin winder that fills bobbins better than the embroidery machines.

meganne by meganne 29 Jun 2012

I should clarify that, MY Elna and MY Brother machine use the same bobbins.

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

Thanks meg, I'm definitely going to try using the elna for winding. However someone else mentioned a bobbin winder. I've never heard of one before. I'll have to look into that.

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

LOL... I've been mixing & matching my bobbins & both seem to work for me too :)

pennyhal by pennyhal 30 Jun 2012

I wind my bobbins on my regular sewing machine. The bobbins don't fit perfectly, but I scoot them up a tad bit on the spindle so the don't drag and that fixes the problem. Sometimes when the thread trips the bobbin pressure little arm off but the bobbin isn't completely filled, I just hole the little arm against the bobbin until the bobbin is completely filled. I have to be careful because if the bobbin gets over filled, it won't fit in the machine.

by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

When I bought this machine I asked the sales lady if I could use the pre-wound bobbins, & she said she didn't recommend it.

Could there be a reason for this or are they just trying to sell their bobbin thread. (Mines a brother)

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

I think I'll have to explore the field of pre-wound... bit more homework for me :)

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 29 Jun 2012

They are telling you a fib. I have the 480D and the Quattro and I use prewounds in both of them without any issues at all. My dealer sells NEBS prewounds and recommends them for the brother machines but they are more expensive than metro and I can't see any difference.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 29 Jun 2012

Make that 780D. Maybe the edit will come back with the site redesign...

meganne by meganne 29 Jun 2012

My Designer Diamond came back from a service with a pre-wound bobbin in it and it seemed to last forever! Only problem I had, the machine didn't know when the bobbin ran out and kept on stitching.

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

Haa ha pcteddy, I thought you'd invented a new model.
I suspected they were maybe just trying to sell my their bobbin thread when I asked. thanks for letting me know.

kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

Megs that interesting that the prewounds stopped the low bobbin thread warning... how annoying.

linda8450 by linda8450 29 Jun 2012

I use both Metro and Nebs in my Diamond and it still tells me it is out of bobbin thread. Hmmmm

by lidiad 29 Jun 2012

From 114 to 154 yards (about 103 - 140 m), as Kenny from EmbLibrary has written. Click the link below to read all the article. Hugs, Lidia

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kitty2011 by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

thank you... I go have a look.