by danababes 27 Jun 2012

Found another printing on fabric tutorial: http://dollsanddaydreams.blogspot... Hope someone can use this :) xXx


by rmj8939 29 Jun 2012

Thank you, I am going to give this a try.

by spendlove Moderator 29 Jun 2012

Now that is interesting and so much cheaper than the Bubble Jet 2000 method. I did try the washing soda method and found that the ink washed out, but this is chemically opposite so I think it is worth a try!

by loosie 28 Jun 2012

I bookmarked this page, many thanks!

by sukira 27 Jun 2012

Thank you.

by oaro 27 Jun 2012

thank you

by justsew 27 Jun 2012

great stuff, Thank you.

by toshi 27 Jun 2012

Thank you!

by cfidl 27 Jun 2012

Wow! She has a lot of good stuff to read about! Thanks! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by almag 27 Jun 2012

Thank you for posting this link~~~~~
This is something that I'd love to try on fabric.
I've made my own sticky labels for years for books and such.
I'm not sure if I can get freezer paper here but maybe another Aussie can point me in the right direction.... maybe waxed paper from the supermarket. I used to wrap sandwiches in waxed paper, before I started using greaseproof paper.

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danababes by danababes 28 Jun 2012

I'm in Oz too and we can indeed get freezer paper here at the bigger supermarkets like Coles or Woolies ..don't try waxed paper.

by mranderson 27 Jun 2012

Very interesting. Thanks, Marg.

by bumblebee 27 Jun 2012

Very cute dolls here thanks