by janetedna 26 Jun 2012

Why do I always press the Wrong Button? Here I go again, if I can remember what I wrote.

There's been a lot of talk of bias tape makers, hand and electric and I've been making a lot of tape by hand with an 18mm tube, burning my fingers in the process. A cutie was waiting for a machine that also folded the tape in half, so here's what I did. I made tape with the 18mm tube (single fold) then folded the beginning of it in half (double fold) and pushed it into a 12mm tube and ironed it as usual, holding the tube, without scalding my fingers! Hows That? Jan


by rescuer Moderator 26 Jun 2012

I am told you can get different size tips for the machines now. The original had only one size available.

There is a video here:

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michemb by michemb 26 Jun 2012

I have four different sizes for mine

by michemb 26 Jun 2012

this is the one I have

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joann1 by joann1 26 Jun 2012

Thats good price....

by bettytaylor 26 Jun 2012

i also make bias but set the iron on "no steam" it really helps with the fingers. after you iron, come back and give it steam if it is not creased enough. no burned fingers. Betty

by bowlds 26 Jun 2012

OMG......I have never heard of an electric bias tape maker!!!! Enlighten me too ladies!

by michemb 26 Jun 2012

the bias tape maker works wonderfully and save lots of time and fingers, one of the best purchases I ever made
mine is the simplicity, electric, spits out bias like crazy

meganne by meganne 26 Jun 2012

Now you've made me want to try mine!!!

michemb by michemb 26 Jun 2012

oh do try it Meg, you will love it and save loads of time

janetedna by janetedna 26 Jun 2012

Yes, but you still have to fold it and iron it to make it double folded. My idea is to use the smaller tip to hold the double folded tape in position while you iron it so your fingers aren't near the iron.? Jan

janetedna by janetedna 26 Jun 2012

So you could do the same with your electric one with a smaller tip. Jan

by bevgrift 26 Jun 2012

Can you show us your tube? Very interesting!
I also grumble about scalded fingers..LOL..but I have a normal Bias Maker.
Happy Stitching

janetedna by janetedna 26 Jun 2012

I called it a tube, couldn't think of the right term but yours are what I mean. Jan

janetedna by janetedna 26 Jun 2012

Tips are what they're called on the Simplicity Bias maker machine. Jan

bevgrift by bevgrift 26 Jun 2012

Thanks for explaining, I was imagining something like empty thread tubes Ha ha..