by beeboomer 18 May 2008

Request for vote from Amazing Embroidery Designs. I am looking for the little running puppy on page 25, presently middle of third down row. He is in profile and is grey and black and very cute.


by dstipdonk 20 May 2008

You got it!!! Hurray!

by wendymay60 20 May 2008

Beeboomer. I voted again. & as of 12:20pm Tuesday 20th. the puppy has 15 votes hope you get it.

by wendymay60 19 May 2008

11 votes at this time. I think you will miss out today but will vote for you again tomorrow. Best of Luck-*4u

by missann 19 May 2008

I will vote for you, too, when it comes up

by mops Moderator 19 May 2008

I'll vote for you tomorrow, so I can stick to letvia's list. Hope that works out well for you.

by adelmarie 19 May 2008

Will go now, good luck.

by colonies1 19 May 2008

I voted but I think we have to vote again for it and I will..........smiling. Like to help out when I can.

by babyred 19 May 2008


by shirlener88 18 May 2008

voted #4

by lbrow 18 May 2008

beeboomer I want to welcome U to the cute fmly & my vote made it No 4 *4U

by joaniessw 18 May 2008

letvia is such a sweetheart in reminding us, so tmrw I will surely vote for your little running puppy.... It should be yours Tues then. cheerio. *4U ><> Thanks again for voting for my elk for me.... I'm Canadian and I love him. ><>

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colonies1 by colonies1 19 May 2008

I voted for your elk..I think you have it.

by letvia 18 May 2008

I am sorry beeboomer, I didn't see your request before, I will ask for her for tomorrow, if you don't mind, since I posted already the request for today. Sorry again. Flower and XoXo

beeboomer by beeboomer 18 May 2008

Thank you Letvia, that is wonderfully fine. I'm sure I didn't make my request properly in the first place. (I voted for the elk - helping each other!)

letvia by letvia 18 May 2008

Thank you so much beeboomer, you are so sweet. I will ask to help you tomorrow ;-)

by beeboomer 18 May 2008

I apologize if you already have this request. I asked it in the middle of another question and it may have been overlooked.