by seamssewcreative 26 Jun 2012

I'm quite new here and wondered what all the little daisies are for and why the various + numbers? Thanks for helping me understand. I JUST LOVE THIS SITE!!


by lflanders 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to the best embroidery group on the internet!

by pennifold 26 Jun 2012

A great big Aussie welcome from me too! Hope to see more of you on here. By the way where are you from and what sort of sewing machine do you use? Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

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cooperal by cooperal 27 Jun 2012

I live in Oliver, Southern BC Canada. I have a Pfaff 2170 and a CV. Our community is small--about 4000. I'm retired now; 28 years of being a legal secretary so my sewing (which was always my stress release) is now a real passion and joy. I am Sew Blessed!!

by cfidl 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to Cute. We grow gardens - collect flowers, give flowers and comment on, give advice and ask questions. Hope to see you around! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by vickiannette 26 Jun 2012

a welcome for you. I am from rural South Australia.

by jrob Moderator 26 Jun 2012

I just wanted to pop in and say, "Welcome and I'm glad that you are here.";)

by bumblebee 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to Cuties! Flowers and hugs
Linda aka Bumblebee

by castelyn 26 Jun 2012

Sorry click before I loaded this.

And ****4 all

by castelyn 26 Jun 2012

See you have your answers,
Well to "cute"
Hugs Yvonne

by katydid 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to Cute. You are now a "Cutie". We are a sharing place and a learning place. Anything concerning embroidery, don't feel shy asking questions. We have some really knowledgeable people on here and so many are willing to help. Also, be aware that Cute Embroidery is addictive. Kay

by zoefzoef 26 Jun 2012

Hello Welcome new friend !!

by 1sewnsew 26 Jun 2012


by draco 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to CUTE. This is a Great place. !! *

by kttyhwk4 26 Jun 2012

I see you've gotten the answer to your question.

"WELCOME" to Cute.

by cooperal 26 Jun 2012

Me again! What a wonderfully "CUTE" idea - gotta love it. Anyway, to all who answered I gave you a daisy! God's blessings to each of you. I look forward to getting to know you through this contact.

castelyn by castelyn 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to cute as well. Hugs Yvonne

greysewist by greysewist 26 Jun 2012

Welcome from as well. We love to welcome newcomers. Hope you are soon as addicted as the rest of us :)

jrob by jrob 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to you, too cooperal! ;)

pennifold by pennifold 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to you "cooperal" - great name as my grandson's name is Cooper. And it was my Dad's favourite beer. Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia

draco by draco 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to CUTE. There are wonderful people here !!*

by airyfairy 26 Jun 2012

I see you have your answers. This is a great place to be - wonderful people giving amazing advice. Sarah (South Africa)

by jussyc 26 Jun 2012

Just stopping by to Welcome you to Cute. Enjoy :)

by gerryvb 26 Jun 2012

you will love it here as much as we do:

by lilylady 26 Jun 2012

welcome to cute!

by graciegirl 26 Jun 2012


by rmj8939 26 Jun 2012


by mranderson 26 Jun 2012

Seems you got your answer, welcome to Cute. You got the right idea, if you don't know just ask. Hugs Marg

by greysewist Moderator 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to Cute (though I may have already said that somewhere recently!). Hope you enjoy our company.

by kitty2011 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to our cute family.
Here's a link re: the flowers

higs kitty

by oigelcox 26 Jun 2012

Welcome new cutie. The little flowers are given by the members as a little hug to make your garden grow . And to make you feel welcome I am sending one to you. Joyce.

by diamondfowler 26 Jun 2012

Welcome to this site, everyone treats everyone as family Hugs Diamond