by handy 24 Jun 2012

Just thought I would share this web site for supplies. I have purchased from them and not problems.


by michemb 26 Jun 2012

for canadian cuties this is cheaper,
tearaway 1.5oz. 15" x 100yard roll=$34.99 compared to a 50 yard roll at $25.99 at worldweidner,
cutaway 100yds @47.99 compared to $20.00 for 10yds at worldweidner.
Just passing along the info

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eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 26 Jun 2012

Just remember that you have to pay shipping costs which in Canada are fairly high especially on these large rolls of stabilizers.

by graciegirl 25 Jun 2012


by pcteddyb 25 Jun 2012

And I use them all the time too - never had any issues with product arriving,etc. Although I do not personally recommend their sticky Vilene - it just does not seem to be as sticky as other brands - for that I use Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky. Otherwise, had good results with regular vilene, tear-away, topper, and no show mesh from them.

by dollygk 25 Jun 2012

I've ordered from them several times and like their service.

by noah 24 Jun 2012

I order my thick wws from them i like there site hugs

by caroldann 24 Jun 2012

I order all my stabilizer from them. Great company. Love the free shipping. Hugs..Carol

by cfidl 24 Jun 2012

I think this is my source for badgemaster. Great stuff! Good service! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by bevintex 24 Jun 2012

spend $20.00 and shipping is free.

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caroldann by caroldann 24 Jun 2012

That is so easy to do. Doesn't take long for me. Hugs..Carol

by sukira 24 Jun 2012

Thank you for sharing.

by sarahrose 24 Jun 2012

thank you