by olly 24 Jun 2012

Update on my dad - he is home!! He started physiotherapy at the hospital and they gave him a broken crutch which almost sent him sprawling. He is now at home receiving better care. He is able to sit in a recliner and has proper meals. The only problem is that my mom has to look after him and she is also elderly.

She is very tired. I spoke to dad and he is in good spirits. He is determined to recover.


by meganne 26 Jun 2012

This is fantastic news Coral! Hospitals are no place for sick people. :-) You know what I'm saying.
This has truly gladdened my heart and I know you must be relieved that he will be better cared for.
I will continue to pray for his full recovery and for your Mum to have the strength to get through this tough time.
Hugs and blessings, Meg

by graciegirl 26 Jun 2012

Is there an agency that might help your mother? Glad to hear that your dad is home.

by drro 25 Jun 2012

Good to hear he is home and I will keep him and your mom, and all your family in my prayers!! Is not God AWESOME? How he answers prayers! Hugs and God Bless!!

by bevgrift 25 Jun 2012

So glad that your Dad is getting better.
Hugs Bev

by cfidl 25 Jun 2012

Wow! The indominable spirit of man! I hope you Mom gets some help or her health may be compromised. Take the best of care of yourself also.

by oigelcox 25 Jun 2012

Glad to hear your dad is home. Sounds like he is safer there than at that hospital. Is there any government assisted home help in their area. As a care giver myself beleive me I know that your mum realy needs it. I get help twice a week with my son. Hugs Joyce

by anangel 25 Jun 2012

Thanks for the update! So glad your dad is able to be home. Your mom needs to take it as easy as possible, so she does not get sick from being a caretaker. Hope she is able to get someone to assist with his care, and give her breaks to rest!
Also, hope he completely recovers to his normal self soon!

by lidiad 25 Jun 2012

Thanks for the update. Glad that your dad is back home and in good spirits. Your mother or yourself could ask for help, to assist your mother caring for him. It isn't fair expecting her to be the only caregiver.
Hugs to all of you! Lidia

by bokkieborduur 25 Jun 2012

Glad to hear your dad is back home. Love Marie

by nonna57 25 Jun 2012

Coral Glad to hear your Father is home and recieving special care from Mum. Talk soon :)

by juanitadenney 25 Jun 2012

What wonderful news that is and with the determination your Dad has he will be on the road to recovery very soon. I hope there will be someone to help your Mom take care of him as we don't want her getting sick.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jun 2012

The fact that your dad is in good spirits and has the determination to recover is half the battle. I am glad he is home even though it is hard on your mom. It is so much more comfortable. I am convinced he will get better real soon.

by capoodle 24 Jun 2012

It's tiring being the caregiver when you are also up there in age. After a few days hopefully your dad and mom will get in a routine that will not be so tiring on her. Is there anyone -friend, neighbor, other relative, someone from church that can stop in a give her a rest?

by moyed 24 Jun 2012

Wonderful news. Hope he continues to heal well. hugs Helen