by seamripper40 24 Jun 2012

I need help. After looking at needles for my embroidery Brother machine, I'm confused. What kind of needles do I need to use? Embroidery, Universal, or do regular sewing needles work? Sharp? Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.


by AuntAnnie 17 Feb 2016

So many different types of fabric; so many different types of needles. Check out this article from AllStitch. In summary: an embroidery needle will have a larger eye than a sewing needle; a sharp needle is used for FSL and woven fabrics; a ball point needle is used with knit or stretchy fabrics. The size of the needle generally is determined by the weight of the fabric but can be affected by stabilizer or density of design.

by sallydavitt 17 Feb 2016

you can use use the universal needle for your brother embroidery it works as embroider a lot

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sallydavitt by sallydavitt 17 Feb 2016

if you use sewing needles you only end up with bent or broken needles and disappointment for different things like metallic the eyes is actually bigger

by maestro20010 16 Feb 2016

I know this is years old but I've been struggling to find an answer (so thought to share) on good needles without spending a fortune because I like to change needles frequently. This said, the Brother site now references: Organ Machine Embroidery Needles 75/11 for most work. These are ball point. Another post recommended using sharps for Freestanding lace. I've been using the embroidery needles and have at least one break each time. I'm testing to see if I need a different needle and/or heavier water soluble stabilizer such as Sulky (this link works as of 02/16/16:

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sallydavitt by sallydavitt 17 Feb 2016

try using brothers unIversal needles you can get them from it actually works i use this my self i get from sewing connection australia

by justsew 28 Jun 2012

Very interesting Question, and very helpful Answers.
Hugs Pam.

by dec716 27 Jun 2012

I buy my organ needles from an embroidery wholesale supplier in Dallas Tx. and they are labeled 'for sewing machines' .
Nothing indicates they are for embroidery only. I use them for both sewing and embroidery

by auntbaba 27 Jun 2012

I use Organ flat shank needles in both my Brother Quatro and Innovis 2500D without any problems.In fact, the machines seem to like the Organ needles better than Schmetz.

by mops Moderator 27 Jun 2012

I have a stand alone Brother (190D) and the manual tells me to use ordinary sewing needles; it came with a packet of those - size 80 sharp. I prefer embroidery needles and use ballpoint needles for knits.

mops by mops 27 Jun 2012

As for the brand: Schmetz are widely available in Europe, Organ are very hard to find, so I use Schmetz and have done so since my mum's first electric machine in 1952.

justsew by justsew 28 Jun 2012

I too use Schmetz, and Have had no problems.

by eastwitch2 26 Jun 2012

The Flat Shank, Regular Chrome Organ Needles - HAx1,130/705 can be used for regular sewing and also be used for embroidery with regular 40 weight embroidery thread.

They come in many sizes.

They come in Sharp points and also Ball points.

by eastwitch2 25 Jun 2012

I use the flat shank, regular Chrome Organ needles HAx1 130/705, 15x1 for most embroidery with 40 weight embroidery thread. I use a size 75/11 or 80/12 in Sharp points or Ball points like the ones Carolyn showed in her picture.

For embroidery with Metallic thread I use the Flat Shank, 15x1ST Chrome Organ needles in size 80/12.
These have a larger eye.

I use to use Schmetz needles but have switched to the Organ needles and I do not see any difference in the size or length of the two brands.
I have a Designer 1 machine.

Your Brother machine should be able to use Organ needles with no problems.

by graciegirl 25 Jun 2012

Great info here, thanks for asking.

by lidiad 25 Jun 2012

For embroidery, I use Organ Titanium needles in packs of 100: 75/11 and 80/12 on thicker material. They last much longer than non-Titanium coated needles and I'm happy with them. I ordered them online from Allbrands as they were cheaper than other sites at that time.
Hugs, Lidia

by danababes 24 Jun 2012

I only ever use Top Stitch needles in my Brother, as suggested by my Brother dealer :) xXx

by cfidl 24 Jun 2012

I mainly use Schmetz Gold embroidery needles for embroidery, usually. I do change and use metallic needles. I have used sharp and plan on using ball tip needles when I get to work with knits. The way I understand it, you buy the tip (sharp, denin, ball, wing for the fabric and the technique. you buy the size for the thread. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by jofrog2000 24 Jun 2012

Loads of info here to help .

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seamripper40 by seamripper40 24 Jun 2012

Thank you.

by lbrow 24 Jun 2012

Well I have a Babylock Ellegante.A couple of yrs ago it went back to the factory, it came back with a Universal Schmetz in it 90/14 sooooo I use the Universals 80/11 and 90/14 most of the time. If I am embroidering on thin, sheer or silky fabric I use an embroidery needle usually 90/14 . I also use the embroidery needle if the design is a real dense one. Most of the time you will find a Schmetz Universal 90/14 in my machine with my dealers blessings./Lillian

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lbrow by lbrow 24 Jun 2012

Excuse please I meant 80/12, I hit the wrong key when I typed 80/11/Lillian

by mranderson 24 Jun 2012

I use a Klasse' titanium needle 80/12 in my 1500D machine. No problems with these. Marg

by lyns 24 Jun 2012

My machine Dr told me to use universal 80/12 for both sewing & embroidery in my Brothers. I've had no problems & I only change the needle when it gets that "pop, pop" sound letting me know it's blunt. Guess you need to try a few and see what works best for you. Lyn. xx

by berny 24 Jun 2012

I use schmetz embroidery needles with my Brother innov-is I,no problems.

by pcteddyb 24 Jun 2012

I use Schmetz Universals. I buy them by the 100 pack when my dealer has their Christmas in July sale. I use the same needle in my sewing machine too. I have had success with them for pretty much everything I sew/embroider.

by bevgrift 24 Jun 2012

The "Schmetz" Brand of needles for Embroidery size 12 is what I use with my Brother Innovis.
The ones for embroidery have a diff shape to the eye to allow for the emb threads to sew with less friction.
Happy Stitching Bev

by noah 24 Jun 2012

Well i will be different sewing machine man told me not to buy different needles he said there only trying to make money on you/me,but if you want to try it go ahead so i did.I found no difference after 10,000 stitch!!Here is a picture of what i buy.100 needles for$11.50 hugs carolyn

seamripper40 by seamripper40 24 Jun 2012

Where do you get them for 11.50. The ones I found were like 100 for $48. A little more Than I want to pay at one time. Thanks for your reply.

noah by noah 25 Jun 2012

Sorry it is called CTS

pennyhal by pennyhal 28 Jun 2012

It depends on if you are buying titantium or not. The titantium ones are about $48.

by sandyqueen 24 Jun 2012

Most embroidery help books have a section on type and size needle to use for various fabrics as well as which stabilizer to use for light, medium and heavy fabric. Also there are sites whcich publish this info. Use Google

C hart won't fit this little box but you can cut and paste to wordpad then print for your notebook of hints.


by marjialexa Moderator 24 Jun 2012

To add to what Penny said, embroidery needles have a larger eye, and a little groove the thread can run in to prevent shredding. I use the titanium needles, they are way more expensive, but they sure do last and last. Regarding the Organ needles, I'd check their website for specifications. I've heard the Organ embroidery are a tad bit longer, but Organ makes regular sewing machine needles too, I'm 64 and I remember Mom using them in her old Singer & in the treadle machine. I think the company's been around for ages, so maybe it's just the embroidery needles you have to be careful with. Looking forward to reading more answers to this question. Hugs, Marji

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lbrow by lbrow 24 Jun 2012

Marji, Until I was a grownup I didn't know there was any other kind but Organ that's what my grandmother always used and both her daughters. Grandmother had a treadle, the other 2 had singer electrics./Lillian

by pennyhal 24 Jun 2012

For an embroidery machine, you need to buy embroidery needles. Embroidery needles come in different sizes so you match the size to the fabric you are working on. You use sharps or ball points or microtex or universals the same way, match them to the fabric you are stitching on.

Embroidery needles wear out fast because of all the stitches in designs, so you'll need to change them often. It is cheaper if you can buy them online at least in packs of 10 or more. Some signs that they need changing is thread shredding, uneveness of stitching, or even on occasion small loops. So some people buy Titantium embroidery needles. They are needles that are coated with titantium and they last a really long time. They are more expensive, but I think they are worth it.

A type of needle called "Organ" needles are popular. They are a little longer than other brands of embroidery needles. This length helps them pick up the bobbin thread better. Some people like them better, but check to be sure they can be used on your machine! Also, Organ needles can harm your machine if you use them for regular sewing. So keep your sewing needles separate from your embroidery needles.

bevgrift by bevgrift 24 Jun 2012

I have also Known that the Organ needle can harm your machine My Bernina Hook (on the bobbin ) will be damaged by the longer organ size.

caroldann by caroldann 24 Jun 2012

I agree with sciencewidow. The pack of needles that came with my new Janome 3160 QDC were Organ needles. I also use them in my Janome MC11000SE. So, Janome machines can use them. Hugs..Carol

pennyhal by pennyhal 26 Jun 2012

Oh, when I said " be sure they can be used on your machine" I meant that they are ok for some machines but not for others. To be safe, check with your dealer. Originally, I becames aware of this issue years ago when searching for needles and reading about them on vendor sites. The clearances on sewing machines can be very small. I have a Bernina 180 and use them all the time.

eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 26 Jun 2012

I have both the Organ needles and the Schmetz needles and there is no difference in the lenght of them.
So I find this to be a false statment.

Most new home type of embroidery/sewing machines now come with Organ needles.

by mjdg 24 Jun 2012

I use Universal on my Brother.