by dilceia 23 Jun 2012

Friends, here this the party photos of São João that I did the decoration. The party opening was yesterday, and it was a success!

I hope that you like.


by sarahrose 24 Jun 2012

So pretty.

by meganne 24 Jun 2012

OH Dilceia, you never cease to amaze me with your talents. How I wish I could have been there to enjoy such a party in such wondrous surroundings.
hugs n love, Meganne

by cathiejones 24 Jun 2012

Ouah ! I love it it's so colourful. Great job.

by gigi70alvarran 24 Jun 2012

Wow wow looks great nice pictures thanks 4 shering.:):)

by sukira 23 Jun 2012

WOW!!!...It's a masterpiece. Very festive color coordination. Thanks for sharing your talent. Hugs, Rachel

by oigelcox 23 Jun 2012

Looks wonderful. Hugs Joyce

by manami 23 Jun 2012

ah Dilceia, que festa mais linda! Me deu uma saudade do Brasil! Acho que irei ao Brasil no ano que vem, seria tao bom se eu pudesse ir ao Rio tambem, pra te ver e te dar um grande abraco! Parabens, a decoracao esta linda! Beijos, Yoriko

dilceia by dilceia 24 Jun 2012

Obrigada, Yoriko, pelas suas palavras de carinho! Ah! Como seria bom te ver, te conhecer pessoalmente e te dar um grande abraço... seria maravilhoso! Estive em São Paulo semana passada, fui a feira de natal.(já vou começar os preparativos e projetos de natal)Como esta você? beijos com saudades.

dilceia by dilceia 24 Jun 2012

de natal) Como esta você?
beijos com saudades.

by katydid 23 Jun 2012

WoW!!! you are so good !!! Wonderful job!

by gramsbear 23 Jun 2012

Fantastic!!! Wish I could have been there, looks like soooo much fun going on!!! GREAT decorations, and wonderfully placed! Thanx sooo much for sharing the pics, this is Awesome! Hugs, Judy

by noah 23 Jun 2012

wow you do an awesome job i love to see what you are doing hugs carolyn

by vickiannette 23 Jun 2012

wow, it is beautiful.

by mana 23 Jun 2012

You did an amazing job. Very good!

by lidiad 23 Jun 2012

No wonder that it has been a success, Dilceia. You have done a fantastic job! Hugs, Lidia

by emily16838 23 Jun 2012

I look forward to your pictures.....looks wonderful...wish I was there

by greysewist Moderator 23 Jun 2012

This looks fantastic. What a great deal of hours must go into the planning, making and installing of these creations. No wonder they hire you again, Dilceia!

by lflanders 23 Jun 2012

What an outstanding task you had!!!!!!!!! Everything looks just great! Looks very festive. I do hope you had alot of help with all of these decorations! Thanks for sharing these with us! Linda

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 23 Jun 2012

Yes, Linda.
I have a team of wonderful working, inclusive my husband and 2 sons that are architects, and more 12 assistants men. Thanks by their lovely words.
A hug

by jid53 23 Jun 2012

Wow you have been very busy what a magnificent job

by blueeyedblonde 23 Jun 2012

WOW! Absolutely amazing job!

by grandmamek 23 Jun 2012

What beautiful displays. You are so talented. It looks like lots of love and hard work went into these. Hugs, Mary

by aussiequilter 23 Jun 2012

fantastic decorations ,

by mysew1325 23 Jun 2012

you did an amazing job...

by caroldann 23 Jun 2012

Dilceia, you never cease to amaze me. What exceptional talent you have and what an awesome career. I love the displays you do. Hugs..Carol

by cfidl 23 Jun 2012

You make the most incedible displays. I enjoy seeing your work! Beautiful! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by jaddas 23 Jun 2012

Excellent job!

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jun 2012

You are an amazingly talented lady. I am so glad it was a success specially after all this work. Fantastic job.

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 23 Jun 2012

Thank you Angie! I try to do right, my career.

by castelyn 23 Jun 2012

Dilceia, Wow, what a stunning job. You are amazing, well done to you. Congratulations dear. Hugs yvonne

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 23 Jun 2012

thanks, Yvonne!

by tolgamum 23 Jun 2012

Congratulations on a creative job well done. It is simply superb!

by arlinda 23 Jun 2012

beutifull I am watching the feast on Tv in Porto and River in Gaia were I as born

by gerryvb 23 Jun 2012

WOW, you realy did a marvelous, beautuful great job again, you talented lady!!!!Great it was a very succesful party, also thanks to your decorations! love you:)

by livia2 23 Jun 2012

This is amazing! Very beautiful.Where is the party?

by graciegirl 23 Jun 2012

Very colorful and festive.

by bevgrift 23 Jun 2012

Such a big job this must have been.
Thanks for the lovely pics.
Hugs Bev

by pldc 23 Jun 2012

wow wow & wow this is an amazing amount of work YOU DID AN EXCELLENT JOB! Hugs Loralye

by barbara68 23 Jun 2012

Congratulations !! Excellent job!

by basketkase 23 Jun 2012

Oh, dear are a master at party decor! What a wonderful festive site you have made!
Well done, my friend! Love & hugs....Vicki

by mary51 23 Jun 2012

Excellent job!!!! :)

by janetedna 23 Jun 2012

Very colourful and festive. you've been very busy, well done. jan

by oaro 23 Jun 2012

This is beautiful but is a big job to do all the decoration looks great

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 23 Jun 2012

This was the reason of my fault here, in the community.

by lilylady 23 Jun 2012

Wow! Your good at your job. very pretty

by jacquipaul 23 Jun 2012

This is amazing, Dilceia; the decorations are gorgeous! You did a wonderful job; it is so festive!
Good work and congratulations.
Hugs and love,