by sewmary15 23 Jun 2012

Dear Cuties, I have a question. I am almost to the point of being able to share my digitized designs. My software has the option of selecting no fabric or of selecting knits,wovens,terry and several other fabrics. Would you select a specific fabric like knits or wovens or select neutral(no fabric) for designs to share. It appears to change the density of the stitches slightly for each.


by mops Moderator 25 Jun 2012

I agree with the others that I'd choose a medium weight cotton as a general option. Whenever you digitise especially for organza or tulle (low density) or for terry or fleece (higher density) I'd mention it.

My software does not automatically set the density and stitch lengths for a selection of different fabrics, but I have my own favourite parameters (found those by testing on different materials).

by pennyhal 25 Jun 2012

Yikes! This is something totally new to me. When I open a design in my software, it does not show any background fabric, just a color. I can change the color to match the color I will be embroidering on, but not a fabric type. Since I have a zillion designs, I can see where fabric would eat up way too much memory and there would be no way for you to know what fabric I'd be using. I'd vote for "no fabric" so that I could best see the design clearly free of any background distractions.

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mops by mops 25 Jun 2012

Seeing a fabric in your software is totally different from setting the parameters (especially the density) for a specific fabric when digitising a design.

by marjialexa Moderator 24 Jun 2012

If you're doing something specific like a towel topper holder thingy, you might select 'terry', but I think 'neutral' would be the best bet for things a lot of people will use. If you're doing it for yourself, or for a project that requires a certain fabric to make it work right, choose for that, and then let people know. It's kind of you to ask, surely.

For those who have software, just remember if you're digitizing and you use the actual representative picture of the fabric in your hoop as you digitize, that's taking up a lot of memory, because it's a JPG or BMP. You can change the color of the inside of the hoop to match your fabric, so you can see if the color you're using is showing up well, but save the pictures of the fabric for when you're done, or partially done, it'll save memory. You can still choose knits, wovens, etc from the menu, you don't have to see the fabric to have that option. This is true for Janome Digitizer Pro, anyway.

Hugs, Marji

by ktponygal 24 Jun 2012

Wow thats cool all have to check out that software, but I aggree with sewmom. I've tryed out some demos for didgitizing it's alot of fun! Would love to see what your doing :)

by drro 23 Jun 2012

Do You have the Floriani software? MAybe they can help you decide:>)

by justonlyme 23 Jun 2012

Really??!! I thought that it was just for the appearance on the computer screen!! OK, I've learned something new today. I always opt for "no fabric" because then I can see it best. I may have to experiment a little bit.
I would think that it depends upon the design you are digitizing. If you are digitizing something that is light and airy, then you might want to cut down on the stitch count a little bit for t-shirts and such. And if you are doing something embossed, then add the terry fabric and so on. I'm interested to see what you have up your sleeve!! It is fun to watch the creative juices flowing!

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sewmary15 by sewmary15 23 Jun 2012

ok, now you have me experimenting. My 4D software ( I have only the basic package) has a system setting in the configure module that lets you change the background to reflect different types of fabric. If Era has it I could not find it. Seems it has only a materials setting and with two options, set material and material library, the library shows all the settings for each fabric and lets you add in your own. I learn so much here

by cfidl 23 Jun 2012

I was just looking at some designs that I thought were duplicates. It turns out she gave us 3 types, knits, wovens and heavy weight. I would be happy with 2, the knits and woven, because cotton comes in both forms. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by bevgrift 23 Jun 2012

Your software sounds great. Wish mine would alter stitch count so easy.
Would love to see how diff each fabric choice would make. I love to have less density in most and 'fixed' a lot of designs to sew out at a less density.I use the enlarge and "keep density" opt on Pe-Design.
Happy Digi !

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sewmary15 by sewmary15 23 Jun 2012

I am learning Sierra's free - Stitch Era Universal. Took me a while to get the hang of it because I had no experience at all. Still have lots to learn

by buffy1 23 Jun 2012

Sharing with us soon; that is great! Can't wait to see your designs! I agree with the other postings! Thank you!

by spendlove Moderator 23 Jun 2012

What sewmom said, but also post a picture of a stitchout and tell us what the fabric is that you have used.

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spendlove by spendlove 23 Jun 2012

Please! Sorry to be rude.

by sewmom 23 Jun 2012

I would do a woven cotton, medium weight. If you think a particular design should be used on something else, change the settings and tell everyone what fabric the design is intended for.

sewmary15 by sewmary15 23 Jun 2012

thank you that sounds like good advise,

sewmom by sewmom 23 Jun 2012

Which software are you using?

sewmary15 by sewmary15 23 Jun 2012

Stitch Era Universal