by brendaleas 22 Jun 2012

an update on Zachary, he is doing really, really good. I am going to learn to give him is shots tonight at supper, he and his older sister are going to be staying overnight next week and I need to know how to give him is Insulin. Thanks for all your prayers. He is doing great for a six year old.


by anangel 23 Jun 2012

Zachary will do well with all the loving care! A friend of mine's gs, Gavin, was diagnosed at age four with diabetes, and is now six. My friend and her hubby went with their son and daughter-in-law to classes to learn how to give shots and diabetic food preparations for Gavin. Gavin is a trouper, and has gotten used to the insulin routine; so will Zachary. It is amazing how tough these little folks can be. Much better than we older ones can! Hugs, and best wishes for you all, as you help Zachary!

by cfidl 23 Jun 2012

Good news! Yeah! Enjoy your ime with them! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by jrob Moderator 22 Jun 2012

So happy to hear this. Have fun with your spend the night company. ;)

by lbrow 22 Jun 2012

You will do well Brenda. Enjoy them/Lillian

by capoodle 22 Jun 2012

They are lucky to have got this under control so quickly and that he is adjusting to the situation. Have a fun time with them. They grow up so fast.

by nannynorfolk 22 Jun 2012

So pleased he's doing well - and enjoy their 'sleepover' nxt week :)