by louisecockeran 19 Jun 2012

Hi Cuties, where can I download free clipart for digitizing? I'm new at the digitizing. Hugs Louise


by dragonflyer 20 Jun 2012

If you sign up for the Clipartopolis newsletter, they will send you a link in the newsletter for a free set every on the link in the newsletter and it will take you to the free set to download in seven different formats..jpg,wmf,bmp...whatever you use...really good site!

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Jun 2012

Ummm, the link didn't attach for some reason...but I just noticed it is below in another comment....

by zoefzoef 20 Jun 2012

I think Sew mentions almost daily a link for the people who digitize

by marcellelewis 20 Jun 2012

You will find more good links to clipart at the bottom of the Embroidery Websites listing site. The link is

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find links to Dreamstime, Scrappin Doodles and iStockphoto. All of these are excellent sources.


by marcellelewis 20 Jun 2012

All of the links below sell graphics for embroidery. There are many others too. I know all of the sites below allow embroidery digitizing. Others you should check their 'Terms Of Use' because many don't license for embroidery.


by shirlener88 19 Jun 2012

LQQKing forward to seeing your work, soon.

by cfidl 19 Jun 2012

and occasionally clipartoon - sewmom includes them in her daily. Thanks Sewmom!

by clawton 19 Jun 2012

Try Clipartopolis.