by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

Cuties I dont know what is going on down here in Australia at the moment . Tonight Melbourne Victoria had a 5.5 earthquake which shook most of the state. We have had them in 3 states in the last couple of months. Which is most unusual it usually only happens once in about 10 years and they are usually far less then 5.2 The last big one was in 1989 in Newcastle. Hugs Joyce


by oigelcox 20 Jun 2012

I had a little laugh today The news said one man was injured falling off a ladder. My thoughts were what was he doing up a ladder at 9 oclock at night. He! He!. Hugs Joyce

mranderson by mranderson 20 Jun 2012

Maybe changing a light bulb. heeheehee

meganne by meganne 20 Jun 2012

I thought it may have been a failed elopement, it would've been built on a shaky foundation.
Or perhaps a burglary that just slipped through his fingers...
Oooh, sick! LOL!

greysewist by greysewist 20 Jun 2012

Maybe he's related to the lady I saw while I was walking someone else's dog this week in the rain. Using an electric angle grinder on the eaves on a metal ladder. Ho hum.

oigelcox by oigelcox 20 Jun 2012

Boy oh boy this one is a worry. Hugs Joyce

by allmine99 19 Jun 2012

My house shook alitle ,no damage took a while to realize what caused it.

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greysewist by greysewist 20 Jun 2012

I guess you are in Vic too, then? I'm in the outer eastern suburbs of Melb.

by moyed 19 Jun 2012

Joyce, we do seem to go through fazes ever few years. Saw the Victoria one on the news this morning, hope everyone made it through the night OK.
hugs Helen

by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

The news just said that they have been getting small aftershocks . and near the epe center of last nights quake the SES is checking out all buildings for cracks some buildings and supermarkets are closed as there are groceries all over the floor . But doesnt seem to be too much damage. Hugs Joyce

by jid53 19 Jun 2012

I live in Melbourne but everything is OK the house just shook for 30+seconds,we don’t usually have tremors they are saying strongest tremor in Australia for 100+years

by cfidl 19 Jun 2012

Prayers to all affected. I will watch the news!

by sarahrose 19 Jun 2012

My thoughts and prayers go out to all. Please update us when you can.

by sukira 19 Jun 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

by CindyG 19 Jun 2012

I am in Lara, about 45 minute drive from Melbourne we didn't feel anything here. But the was a small one a few days ago in Corio, about 10 minutes drive. To small to cause any damage.

by vickiannette 19 Jun 2012

heard it on the news this morning. Have no problems here is South Aust. But will hopefully get some rain tonight.

by nonna57 19 Jun 2012

Oh dear me. I hadnt heard the news today, Gotta go phone my Mum in Bairnsdale Victoria and see if she is ok, She lives on her own.

greysewist by greysewist 19 Jun 2012

Could swear I already replied to you but it vanished. The epicentre was in Sale, I think.

nonna57 by nonna57 19 Jun 2012

Marianne the epi was in Moe, Shook Mum up a bit. She is ok . She is 83 and said she has not sat thru one as strong.

by clawton 19 Jun 2012

Sure hope all is fine. Sounds like a lot of earthquakes around the world this past year.

by meganne 19 Jun 2012

Thankfully, as far as I have been reading the news, there has been very little damage, but they'll know more in daylight.
No injuries reported, though a man fell off a ladder. What he was doing up a ladder at night wasn't revealed.
Anyway, one hopes that daylight won't reveal any damage to be worse than first reported.
BTW, I am in NSW not far from Chris Pennifold, so we are all safe up here and I do thank you all, most sincerely, for your concern.
Hugs and roses, Meganne

by almag 19 Jun 2012

So.... that's what woke me up!!!
No, I don't think we felt anything in Mount Gambier, just over the border.
Hmmm... I wonder... 4 1/2 hours ago the dogs were quite restless, seemingly for no reason. Maybe they did sense something.
I hope there wasn't too much damage done.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 19 Jun 2012

When the Newcastle one struck, everything went quiet even the birds stopped chirping, before a noise that sounded like a heavy truck going down the street ,our dogs started to bark & the house shook

nonna57 by nonna57 19 Jun 2012

We were at Toronto on the water. It sounded like a plane was going to crash and we could see it coming on the ground . It was like a wave coming toward us. Now that was spooky,

meganne by meganne 20 Jun 2012

When the Newcastle earthquake struck, I was sitting on the loo, I kid you not!
And 2GO was playing I Feel the Earth Move!
Our house must have been on the fault line because this was here on the Central Coast, at Wamberal.
And it shifted the tiles on our roof.

meganne by meganne 20 Jun 2012

on our roof so that the next time it rained the roof leaked into roof space above my son's bedroom and ran down inside his bedroom walls.

by shirlener88 19 Jun 2012

I will be praying for all involved - keep us updated.

by alexgrandma 19 Jun 2012

Prayers to them!!

by jerrib 19 Jun 2012

I don't know all the Cuties that are in Australia, but does anyone know if Meganne and Chris are involved.
My prayers are with everything involved.
Warm Hugs

oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

Chris is in New South Wales so she is safe. I dont know which state Meganne is from.Hugs Joyce

nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 19 Jun 2012

not far from Chris- just heard from her in personal :)

jerrib by jerrib 19 Jun 2012

I heard from Meganne as well. I hope everyone is okay.

by nannynorfolk 19 Jun 2012

Oh my ;0 - keep us posted- and hope your family are ok

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

Thank you. Hugs Joyce

by nhsmith55 19 Jun 2012

I'll keep you my prayers. Please keep us updated on the damages etc. that have occured.
Hugs, Nancy

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

I think everything is OK just reports tonight of mild damage like cracks in walls and shaking at the epe centre. I think it seems to be more fright than damage thank goodness. Hugs Joyce

by 02kar Moderator 19 Jun 2012

I am so sorry to hear this. Please try to stay safe and prayers are going up to our Lord and Savior for all of you.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

I have some family and friends down there in Victoria Your prayers are most welcome. Hugs Joyce

by pldc 19 Jun 2012

stay safe Joyce Hugs Loralye

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

We are safe up here in Queensland they say that reports are coming in of some slight damage near the epi centre . It is the strongest quake in victoria in 100 years.