by louisecockeran 18 Jun 2012

Hi Cuties, I want to purchase a digitizing program and I read some of the previous Questions asked by other Cuties is most of you recommend Embird, but do I have to buy the basic and the digitizing software? I would love to get a trial version before I purchase something and I can't work with it. Help please. Hugs Louise


by gramsbear 18 Jun 2012

I did the free trial Embird and couldn't figure out what to do in it until I purchased the Basic and Studio, & then a set of lessons and last evening I did my first design!!! I am sooooo tickled, once it is explainrd (to me) I do well. The lessons I am doing so good are on Stitches in Motion & you only buy what you need, you do not have to buy all lessons. She does her lessons as if you know nothing! And I know nothing!!! Hahaha! Hugs, Judy

by pcteddyb 18 Jun 2012

You must purchase basic in order to get any of the other modules (like Studio for digitizing) for permanent use. Embird offers a free trial for all of the modules they offer so you can play with it. However, I don't think you can save anything you do in the trial (I did not try when I did the trial).