by manami 15 Jun 2012

Dear Cute Family,

My website has been hacked, and it will be down until the professionals fix the problem. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll repeat the dream alpha J.
Hugs and love, Yoriko


by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

I'm very sorry for you. Why some people like to harm others who work hard everyday?

by tauberschmitt 18 Jun 2012

schrecklich tut uns alle leid Kopf hoch das wird wieder wir drücken die Daumen
viel Kraft

by teresanta 17 Jun 2012

Sooo Sorry, kisses Teresa

by marietta 17 Jun 2012

Oh my goodness Yoriko, so sorry to see this, I hope everything get going propperly for you soon. How are you keeping,? have not spoken to you for quite a while
Hugs and God bless

by pinon 17 Jun 2012

I'm so sorry! I hope it turns out to be a smooth fix for you. I don't understand why the embroidery sites have been targeted lately, I wish these people could be caught and punished! You work so hard to maintain your store!

by fannyfurkin 17 Jun 2012

I am so sorry to hear this Yoriko, It is such hard work maintaining a website and then someone just comes along and vandalises it. I hope you get it sorted out without stressing to much.

by sandralochran 17 Jun 2012

Hope sall will be up and running again soon.Lv sandra

by deegee 16 Jun 2012

So sorry to hear this has happened. I agree with what has already been said. Someone must need something to do to create such unnecessary havoc.

by jrob Moderator 16 Jun 2012

ACK! I do NOT understand people!!!!

by kttyhwk4 16 Jun 2012

Sooo Sorry. This world of full of fools that like to make life difficult for the rest of us.
Hugs Karen

by sqdancer 16 Jun 2012

So sorry to hear this Yoriko - there are some very sick people out there and we will probably never understand what drives them to do what they do day at a time my friend... Hugs Glenda x0x0x0

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko sorry to hear this. Just makes one wonder why hack into a embroidery website? Thinking of you dear. Sayonara Caroline

by claudenicolas 16 Jun 2012

Dear yoriko, I am very sorry for you, it is unimaginable why some people make suchthigngs I hope that you can fix all that.Hugs Claude

by sewdeb 16 Jun 2012

Oh, Yoriko, I'm so very sorry this has happened to you! You are one of the kindest people and to have someone attack you via your site is just terrible! I hope whoever the culprit is gets the proper dose of karma! Know that there are people out her who think of you kindly even though we have never met. Hugs and God bless! *4all

by lflanders 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko, I am sorry about the mess! I can not understand what makes people want to be so mean! I have no idea what they get out of causing so much trouble! I do hope that it is soon up and running again for your sake. Life is hard enough without complete strangers trying to make it worse! The last time someone did that to mine, I did not have a computer for almost 3 months! I was just about crazy before my son got it fixed. He is great with computers BUT...he works long hard hours on his real job and also has a family so he does not have the time to take to repair all of our computers. We all understand that there is nothing you can do but wait, just like us, until someone gets it all worked out for you. Hugs and blessings, Linda

by gramsbear 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko, this is sooo sad. I Pray for the creeps that did this to you and to us, (as we are all lovin your site). And by Praying for them, I am heaping hot coals on their heads. Hugs & Prayers, Judy

by susiesembroidery 16 Jun 2012

What a sad and sorry world this is becoming - allowing hackers to live freely amongst us to do their utmost to destroy what an honest person works so hard at. So sorry for your losses and for your heartache. Hope you will be able to return to us soon. Love and best wishes. God bless you.****

by theduchess 16 Jun 2012

Sorry to hear this -hacking to an embroidery site!Wonder if they also go after the porno sites? Those the world can do without.

by pldc 16 Jun 2012

this is unfortunate but am happy to wait till it gets fixed as you have a beautiful site & its worth it Hugs Loralye

by sissibrode 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko, I really sorry for what happened to your site ! I don't understand why some people do that....
Hugs to you

by lique 16 Jun 2012

I am sorry to hear you have problems. I never understand people who ruin other people's property. It is just so senseless. Hope they solve it quickly.

by sharonleekesner 16 Jun 2012

Wouldn't it be wonderful if those who excell in this area actually used it for something important? Blows the mind to think of the possibilties. I am very sorry this has happened to you but rest assured, we will still be here, take it easy and we will await the announcement of "all is well".

by mad14kt 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko I am sorry to hear this. Lord please give her the strength needed to go through this process. Lord I pray all guilty parties get there JUST REWARD!!! In JESUS NAME it is so, AMEN!!!

by zoefzoef 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko, sorry to hear about this. Hope they can fix it soon and that no personal data was gathered.

by lenamae 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko I am so sorry that happend to you will be praying for it to be fixed soon.

by pcteddyb 16 Jun 2012

So sorry for the issues some stupid person forced on you. Thanks for letting us know the situation (I assumed it was something like this) - we will have patience until your web team can fix the problem.

by jacquipaul 16 Jun 2012

Thank you for letting us know Yoriko and I,m so sorry for the problem. we live in a strange world where criminals hack into embroidery sites.
So sorry for the problem.
Hugs and love,

by tilde01 16 Jun 2012

I'm so sorry to hear of this. I know that you'll let us know when its up and running again.

by dididwiar 16 Jun 2012

Oh Yoriko, I am so sorry for you. I wondered what was wrong, I came here to find out. Hope it will all be sorted easily for you. I love your site. I hope the lousy person who did this to you get what they deserve.

by maleah 16 Jun 2012

It is a shame that people deem it necessary to be cruel. I hope all willbe better with no cost to you. God Bless.

by lbrow 16 Jun 2012

Yoriko I am so very sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope they are able to locate the one who did this and they get their just desserts. People are so cruel / Love you/Lillian

by pennifold 16 Jun 2012

Dear Yoriko, I am so sorry to read that someone has hacked into your business site. I do hope they are caught and face up to what is coming to them. Thanks for letting us know. Love and blessings Chris

by tamtam 16 Jun 2012

Mercy Sakes! When will we be able to stop these hackers? I cannot believe someone has nothing better to do than to try to ruin someones web-site. Shame on them, who do these terrible things! Yoriko, you have a wonderful site, & I hope you will continue to have it for all of us to enjoy. Big Hugs to you! Tammy

by meganne 16 Jun 2012

OH dear Yoriko, I am so sorry. I hate the damnable mongrels who have nothing more constructive to do with their time, I wish they could be caught and strung up for all the damage and problems they cause.
I hope the technicians can fix it quickly and at little cost for you.
Hugs and love, Meg

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edithfarminer by edithfarminer 16 Jun 2012

I second that Meg

by justonlyme 15 Jun 2012

That is wise of you to shut down till it can be fixed. That prevents problems for everyone else. I just do not like the malicious behavior of the hackers who do this for fun and games!!! They deserve to be penalized for interrupting people's lives, businesses and causing so much cost and stress.
Good luck with your site. I hope that you are able to get back up and running soon, and maybe fortify the site at the same time to reduce the chance of it happening again. Hang in there. Thank you for letting us know.

by jid53 15 Jun 2012

Sorry to hear this your work is great

by lerman 15 Jun 2012

That was bad news, hope it will be ok without too much work! Wish you all the best / Peggy

by drro 15 Jun 2012

Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear this! Your work is so lovely and you are so generous to us! I hope your repairs are not costly! Hugs and God Bless!

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Jun 2012

Yoriko I am so sorry. I don't understand what these people get out of it. Thanks for letting us know and I hope the problem will be fixed soon.

by tmbache 15 Jun 2012

So Sorry to hear this sad news....
but I guess that is why I couldn't get on early today.....saying I had no buissness on that site...
hope all turns out well for you nd not to many problems that aren't a easy fix money wise...Smiles hugs and love to you our good friend

by danababes 15 Jun 2012

Aww man, what a pain for you :( Hopefully you'll be back up & running soon :) Hugz xXx

by noah 15 Jun 2012

Oh i hate people that do these things:(:(hugs

by holly12 15 Jun 2012

So sorry to hear this happened. I hope you can get it fixed. We'll all try & be patient. Good Luck. Hugs, Arlene

by hightechgrammy 15 Jun 2012

Oh NO! That's the Pits for you Yoriko - Do you have any idea what put you at risk? We'll be patient. These things can happen. hugs, Jan

by cfidl 15 Jun 2012

Hope it is up and running quickly!

by irenewayne 15 Jun 2012

thank you Yoriko

by aleene 15 Jun 2012

Yoriko, Sorry that there are people that just cause trouble for us all. hope u get it fixed soon.