by skyannsgranny 15 Jun 2012

My GGD gets to ride on a "real" Thomas the Train for her 4th birthday. She is having a ball. This one is in Connersville, IN, near Indy.


by bumblebee 17 Sep 2012

What a cutie-sure she enjoyed her train ride

by skyannsgranny 17 Sep 2012

I've talked to her several times and she always tells me that that one didn't talk like the one on TV.

by momhome 16 Jun 2012

We have Thomas here for the first two weekends in June every year. They have a great turn out every year. My g-sons also love Thomas.

by danababes 15 Jun 2012

Woah, lucky lucky girl :) My 5yr old son is mad about Thomas and would love this too :) xXx

by hightechgrammy 15 Jun 2012

That does look like a train whistle she's blowing and she's wearing THE hat! Sooo cute!

by designgirl 15 Jun 2012

Cute little girl.

by greysewist Moderator 15 Jun 2012

Cute photo! You'd best save it for her 21st. That 'Thomas' Sure gets around. We've seen him in Menzies Creek, Vic, Australia many years ago, when my now 20yo was a little train fanatic -he's a bit like Santa, I think -pops up all over the place at on

by skyannsgranny 15 Jun 2012

I think she's blowing a train whistle. Oh, she does love Thomas. We had a big board with a nice train set and had to bring it out almost every time she was over there last summer. And had to watch a Thomas movie. Love the hat here, too.

by blueeyedblonde 15 Jun 2012

My GS just had his 3rd and his cake was Thomas!

by hightechgrammy 15 Jun 2012

I got the cutest photo of my GSs with Thomas too! How fun for her. She looks sooo happy! I think that is where they saw Thomas too! It's probably the same train! Maybe I can find the photo! William and Adam lots of years ago!

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designgirl by designgirl 15 Jun 2012

Cute little boys.

by cfidl 15 Jun 2012

That is fantastic! My son saw it when he was little. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by oigelcox 15 Jun 2012

I took my Grandson to see Thomas at our Ipswich Railway workshops museum when he was little and he was over the moon getting to see Thomas. Hugs Joyce