by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

WOW thank you Cuties I receiver some extra flowers while I was sleeping and I now have passed the 5,000 milestone Thank you, Thank you everyone. Hugs to all Joyce


by sewdeb 13 Jun 2012

Congratulations and here's another to help you reach the next milestone! ❀

by pldc 13 Jun 2012

I am happy to water your garden to make it grow Joyce! Hugs Loralye

by pennyhal 13 Jun 2012

Isn't it wonderful has such a small thing as a flower can be such a happy event in one's day? Thanks to whoever thought this flower idea up. A simple, yet kind and joyous thing.

by cherylgauteng 13 Jun 2012

Flowers for everyone who has posted !

by gramsbear 13 Jun 2012

Gongrats on your beautiful garden!!! Heres another to help towards 6000. Hugs & *** Judy

by kathyjt 13 Jun 2012

Here's another *

by kryztyna 13 Jun 2012

Wakey to a surprise that keeps growing! Here's another. Hugs Christine, Johannesburg

by susanpsychic 13 Jun 2012

Yay!!! What a nice surprise! So exactly what are these blooms for. I have been giving them away cause of the sweet comments for a newby in the group.

by cfidl 13 Jun 2012

Yes you are! Congratulations! Live Laugh Download Stitch!!

by dilceia 12 Jun 2012


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oigelcox by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

Thank you so much. Hugs Joyce

by kitty2011 12 Jun 2012

LOL.. it's so lovely to wake up to extra blooms isn't it.. here's another blossom for your garden :)

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oigelcox by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

Thank you yes it is so cool. Hugs Joyce

by shirlener88 12 Jun 2012

Joyce, CONGRATULAITONS on your 5th big milestone - now you are on your way to your sixth.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

Thank you so much Shirlene for the Kind words. Onwards and upwards from here. Hugs Joyce

by drro 12 Jun 2012

And now that you are awake, you can watch this one more * make your garden grow even more:>)

by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

Huggy Koalas

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oigelcox by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

This Hug is for you great Cuties. Joyce