by mrsa 09 Jun 2012

Large Diaper/Travel Bag for Toddler

This is my last completed project. I made it for my grandson who is two and a half years old. My daughter used a typical diaper bag for a long time but never seemed to have enough room! This one holds plenty of clothes for an overnight trip and has large pockets inside and out that will hold 2 sippee cups or bottles. It's already getting worn because it is used all the time... :-)


by lidiad 18 Jun 2012

It's a great bag! Well done. Hugs, Lidia

by means 10 Jun 2012

Love the look and the great idea. Thanks for sharing

by highlandermom 10 Jun 2012

Great work nothing beats custom made with love.

by shirlener88 09 Jun 2012

Cristina, great job - no wonder she uses it - it has a use.

by noah 09 Jun 2012

Way to go hugs:):)

by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Great bag well done. Hugs Joyce

by toogie 09 Jun 2012

Love it ! Can you tell where you got your 'burn rubber' design? Teenagers would like this design.We can always use another bag-T

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mrsa by mrsa 10 Jun 2012

I sure don't remember where I got that one from but I do know it was a free design. I thought maybe it was from George the Digitizer because I used a gas pump design on the other side of the bag but I looked tonight and didn't see it there. If I run across it again somewhere I can let you know ok? :-)

by capoodle 09 Jun 2012

Excellent job on it. Makes you feel good that it's getting a lot of use.

by oaro 09 Jun 2012

lovely bag nice designs

by pldc 09 Jun 2012

they never seem to outgrown the need for a ``BAG`` well done!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jun 2012

Lovely work

by justonlyme 09 Jun 2012

That is a fantastic bag. And it isn't "babyish" so your grandson can be proud of his bag. Great job!!

by devon 09 Jun 2012

Great work she will get a lot out of this one.

by cfidl 09 Jun 2012

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