by sewmary15 08 Jun 2012

Just a thought to share: I have grand ideas, a vivid imagination and great vision. I can close my eyes and see things as the completed project. NOW if I could just find someone to pay for them and do the work I would be a great success.


by katydid 09 Jun 2012

I am with you 100%. To save the idea ,especially for embroidery, I make a folder called "ready to machine" and I park my designs there that I have fooled around with and plan to stitch. I also print out the design with color choices and pin the print out to the item I plan to stitch it on. I presently have projects for Easter and Christmas unfinished.It is not perfect, but keeps me reminded of unfinished projects. If I had fairies to sew for me I would be in great shape. What works for you? Kay

by cfidl 09 Jun 2012

I am a piecemaker so far, nothing big yet, however I like some of the small things and hope I get an intern to make them BIG!

by lenamae 09 Jun 2012

If you have great ideas just do it some one will buy.
I got my new embroidery machine it had a program with it in palet that I found a lot of fum it was a digitizing thing calle palet 3 I think I found a place that I got premission to digitize the froges he drew and he gave me premission I did a hundred and 3 and put them in a quilt and I have a beautiful quilt full of frogs.
I got a new program and I can not even start one in it I can not learn how to do it.
the old one will not work any more it is so out of date. And this one will be out of date before I learn.

by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

He! He! great imagination. Hugs Joyce

by 1sewnsew 08 Jun 2012

me, too.

by shirlener88 08 Jun 2012

My dear I do understand. I'll do the work - just can't get anyone to buy.

by noah 08 Jun 2012

lol sounds like a lot of us for sure hugs carolyn

by brendaleas 08 Jun 2012

me three, one of my problems is I give all I make away. I can'nt seem to get items made for a craft fair. I get a boxes of toys, purses, hairbows, blankets. And I give most of them away. I will keep trying, that's the fun of it.

by blueeyedblonde 08 Jun 2012

maybe we should get together!!!! lol

by pldc 08 Jun 2012

you & me both!