by marietta 08 Jun 2012

Boy, does time fly past, I just realized that I have belonged to this wonderfull family since the end of May 2008, a whole 4 years, and that even though there were times that I could not come onto the site, it still always remained my favourite place to go. Thanks all for being such good pals.

Hugs and God bless


by marthie 14 Jun 2012

I totally agree with you my friend. Even if it is only once a week or for a few minutes per time - IT IS GREAT!!!

by castelyn 08 Jun 2012

Marietta, congratulations on your 4th Anniversary. Had it not been for "cute" we might never of met. You are a true friend. It seems as if we have been friends forever. Hugs and love Yvonne

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marietta by marietta 09 Jun 2012

Thanks Yvonne, I feel exactly the same. We have realy met some lovely ladies, and have become firm friends

by shirlener88 08 Jun 2012

happy Anniversary Marietta - it is wonderful to know - that we do have a place to go - when we have the time - to be surorunded by love, laughter and friendship from around the world.

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marietta by marietta 09 Jun 2012

Yes I agree with you whole heartedly Shirlene

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Jun 2012

Congratulations on being a Cutie for four years. *4u

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marietta by marietta 09 Jun 2012

Thanks, I wish we all lived on a big "together" world, so that we could meet everybody we talk to on cute. LOL

by michemb 08 Jun 2012

you know the old saying "time flies when you are having fun", best place to have fun with friends.

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marietta by marietta 09 Jun 2012

Totally agree with you.

by zoefzoef 08 Jun 2012

Yep I agree with you all. In August I'll be here for a Year. My favorite spot every day !

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marietta by marietta 09 Jun 2012

O yes, I find I only need to take a quick glance to see all of you, even when I am too busy for words. Then I can go on again. LOL

by oigelcox 08 Jun 2012

No Thank You so much. I am fairly new here a matter of a few months. I agree with you this is fast becoming my favourite place to be as it is after midnight and I am still here typing away. Thank you for allowing me to join you and the other cuties . hugs Joyce

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marietta by marietta 08 Jun 2012

You are always welcome in this lovely group of friends. Enjoy