by nanniesara 07 Jun 2012

Well it is sad but true, I have to take my machine to the repair man tomorrow. I thought I could get it adjusted, I think I made matters worse, I will sew nice stitches but it is making a little clicking noise that it has not made before. so I am afraid to deal with it anymore. Hopefully he can fix it while I am there. Because it is a 2 hour trip one way for me. Yikes I have to much to do for it to be down. :(


by bethelb 08 Jun 2012

Sarah ! I am sorry you have to take it there. Especially now when you need it so bad . Hope ou can do a little while you are there and make sure it is going good.

by oigelcox 08 Jun 2012

Hope they can find whats wrong. Hugs Joyce

by shirlener88 08 Jun 2012

Oh my - I just hate to leave mine - it is usually a week - if I had to drive that far - I would call ahead - like the other's have said and just see what can happen. Good luck dear.

by noah 07 Jun 2012

phone ahead i do and ask him if he can fix it while you wait and watch (thats how i learn)if hes busy ask him to give you day and time he can do it with you there lol hugs carolyn

by kitty2011 07 Jun 2012

You have my sympathy.,
mine is still being repaired... it's been 2 weeks so far, I sure am missing it.
What kind of machine have you got? Twice in one year is a bit much !!

by jrob Moderator 07 Jun 2012

Yikes! Here's hoping it is an easy fix and you can be back on your way and stitching before sundown.;)

by cfidl 07 Jun 2012

Good Luck going to the shop. A smart Cute recommended that you set it up and try it before you leave the shop.

by shirley124 07 Jun 2012

I hope he can fix it while you are there. I am in the same boat. My dealer is a 3 hour trip each way, so I arrange a day to work in with him so he can do it the day I take it in. Best of luck, Shirley

by aussiequilter 07 Jun 2012

I hope he can sort it oout for you ,,,,,,

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nanniesara by nanniesara 07 Jun 2012

Thanks me too, I have had it less than a year, second time to the repair. I think it is me and the machine getting to know one another. We shall see. Just hope I don't have to leave it for a whole week.