by adavisx3 04 Jun 2012

My birthday has come and gone. It was a good day with no issues whatsoever. Went out for dinner with my husband and daughter and basically did nothing all day. I did receive a great gift from my MIL though - Husqvarna 5D Extra software. I have been using 3D Pro since I bought the Designer 1 5 years ago so this was a welcome surprise. She said that she just wanted to thank me for being a great wife to her son despite everything that has gone on in our lives over the past 27 years. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderful MIL. Hope everyone else had as great a Sunday as I did. Here's to the next 56 years.


by kttyhwk4 05 Jun 2012

Glad to hear you had a great birthday and have a wonderful MIL too.

by adavisx3 05 Jun 2012

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes, sentiments and comments. Flowers for all. - Aileen in sunny, hot Central Florida.

by lawmedassistant 04 Jun 2012

Happy Belated Birthday!

by clawton 04 Jun 2012

A belated happy birthday to you. I would say that is a great MIL. You will love the 5D Extra.

by chenille 04 Jun 2012

Belated birthday wishes! What a wonderful surprise for you! A toast to your next 56!!
Hugs, Ndyne

by noah 04 Jun 2012

Ahhhhhhh so nice to hear your touching story :):) now you can play *****i love 5d mines not the extra as they never had that when i bought enjoy hugs:):)

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noah by noah 04 Jun 2012

Sorry i forgot to wish you a happy late birthday hugs

by zoefzoef 04 Jun 2012

Happy Belated Birthday ! Sorry we missed it all, but you see you were not on the list. If you want me to put you on, send me a PM with your name, birthday (ex 4th of june) and country.
I hope you had a great day !!!

by blueeyedblonde 04 Jun 2012

Happy B. Birthday! You really are lucky to have such a MIL! Nice to know there are some out there!

by cclark 04 Jun 2012

You do have a wonderful MIL. Happy Belated Birthday too!

by gdsteliga 04 Jun 2012

What a blessing. Whatever else happens in you life, you have lots to be greatful for.

God bless

by smallwunderz 04 Jun 2012

sorry - did forget to say Happy Birthday !!
I was so thrilled for you to have gotten such a thoughtful gift, I hit "submit" before I said Happy Birthday

Here's to many more years of happy stitching !

Lois W.

by smallwunderz 04 Jun 2012

Wow - what a great MIL !!
good luck with your new "toy" !


by shirlener88 04 Jun 2012

What a great MIL she is - that is really special that she knew of something that you could use and would appreciate. Happy Birthday and yes, here's to the next 56 years for you.

by juanitadenney 04 Jun 2012

Glad you had a wonderful birthday and what a GREAT gift. I have 4D software but haven't upgraded to 5D but getting along just fine with my 4D.

by momhome 04 Jun 2012

Glad you had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful MIL.

by shirley124 04 Jun 2012

Happy Birthday. What a great MIL you have. It is nice to know you are appreciated. Shirley

by gigi70alvarran 04 Jun 2012

Happy birthday enjoy your day and gifts.:):)

by toogie 04 Jun 2012

Happy Birthday ! and many more

by kryztyna 04 Jun 2012

Glad your day was wonderful, may that last each day for the next 56. Hugs Christine, Johannesburg