by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

Not Embroidery. But can anyone give me tips on how to use ruffler sewing foot. I have looked at youtube and completely lost. I am hoping that someone can help so I can finish my project. Thanks in advance Peg


by bikermomfl 04 Jun 2012

I love my ruffler. I bought mine on ebay for $25 instead of the $100 my dealer wanted. I make these adorable dolls and make a ruffle for the bottom of their skirts and hat, I make ruffles for the edges of throw pillows. They are a pretty clunky looking foot but very easy to use. You remove your old foot and foot holder (?) and then put your ruffler on being sure the little 'u' shaped opening goes over the screw you loosen your needle with. Like you do with your walking foot. Then slide your fabric under the little metal flap and start stitching. it will advance as you stitch and either every stitch, every 6 stitches or every 9. Have fun.....

by gjemptynester 03 Jun 2012

Try these websites:

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 04 Jun 2012

Flower for you for finding all these sites. I had no idea such a foot is available. Thank you