by danababes 03 Jun 2012

Does anyone know what's going on with the All Granny's Girls site? :) xXx


by danababes 04 Jun 2012

Anyone else know if granny has stopped the monthly gifts? Thanks :) xXx

by bowlds 03 Jun 2012

It's here now.

carolgm23 by carolgm23 04 Jun 2012

I didn't see any link for the free bom she had going. Am I missing that as well?

danababes by danababes 04 Jun 2012

Thank you bowlds :)
I don't see the monthly gifts either, hrm must go check email then. xXx

by danababes 03 Jun 2012

I realise it says "suspended" but I wondered if perhaps granny is ill? (I'm sure we used to have an edit button but alas I couldn't find it so adding an answer lol). xXx