by lawmedassistant 27 May 2012

For all my neighbors NE FL and SE GA, stay safe. Keeping you all in my prayers until this storm (Beryl) is past us. We are all fine here just had to go out and fix the gate on the pasture to keep the horses in. All safe and secure - and so far still have electric (hope it stays that way), I hate going through storms in the dark, to scary. Hugs and Prayers!


by askmcv 28 May 2012

Prayers for your safe-keeping.

by anangel 28 May 2012

So far, we have only gotten a rain shower mid morning from Beryl. We are higher in Georgia, near the middle of the state, so we're out of the severe zone. I have a daughter, though, in Hilton Head Island, S.C. right near the coast, so I know it has been rough there. Here in Central GA, we badly need the rain, so I hope Beryl brings plenty our way, but not the high winds! Prayers for all to be safe from the storm!!
Hugs, Angel

by hightechgrammy 28 May 2012

Prayers for you all in the way of Beryl in Georgia and Florida, and in the way of all the fires, tornados and hail with severe thunderstorms. Such a violent time of the year. Our air is much more clear today, but the wind is blowing the trees so badly, it's not safe to walk outside. Love to all, Jan

by lawmedassistant 28 May 2012

Thank you everyone! We did lose electricity sometime after 3:30am and if finally came back on (9:30am). Peeked outside and it is still raining but horses are all in the pasture where I can see them. Very good cause I need some coffee before I go out there and check fencing and look for other damage - but it doesn't look to bad right now. I'll check in later and let you all know how it is. Thank you for thoughts and prayers - it means a lot to me. :)

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rescuer by rescuer 28 May 2012

Glad you made it through, especially without power.
I don't always post... but I do always send prayers and I give flowers to all who do post.
Thank you for the update.

by shirlener88 28 May 2012

Sherry, glad you are safe and only had to repair the gate.

We will be praying for all in the Beryl's path.

by blueeyedblonde 28 May 2012

Stay safe and don't forget to update us!

by basketkase 28 May 2012

Oh, Sherry, will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers tonight....have to start early as there are alot of prayers to be said tonight...stay safe my friend, and that goes for the animals as well!!

by kitty2011 27 May 2012

Gosh., do hope it's not too bad for you & that the horses are ok.
All the best.. hugs kitty

by cfidl 27 May 2012

I had no idea... I should start watching at least the weather! That would take me away from Stitchin!

by momhome 27 May 2012

I too hope you are all safe and that if any damage it is very very minimum.

by diamondfowler 27 May 2012

Thank you, We need the water so bad in our area untill we pray for safe rain thanks for your prayers Hugs Diamond