by dec716 26 May 2012

I just received my Embrilliance Thumbnailer CD and I love it!

Installed without a hitch.
Found it on ebay from a reputable company for $35.00 with free shipping.
Thanks to all who answered my questions


by kitty2011 26 May 2012

Well done..
I'm guessing this is much the same as the embird iconizer?

dec716 by dec716 27 May 2012

It shows a picture of the design in place of the pes,pcs,hus,sew,vip etc icon.
I don't know what embird iconizer is. By the name it sounds like it could be comparable.

awesome1 by awesome1 28 May 2012

I have thumbnailer. No program to open for viewing tiles or thumbnails. I go to My Documents and the screen is filled with images. Makes easy work of deciding what to embroider. W/Embird, you have to open the program