by skyannsgranny 25 May 2012

I don't feel new any longer!!!!!!!!!! And I'm wondering where I have been the last couple of years. Surely hasn't been here. You ladies have sure cleaned up my favorites list. Easier to check out the listings here than to hit every one of them each day. I really do thank all of you for all the work you do in finding these things. I'll try to add something of my own soon. Working on digitizing. RIGHT! In my dreams.


by pennifold 26 May 2012

Welcome to Cute "skyannsgranny" - you've come to a great place where there is a wealth of knowledge. In PERSONAL you can share your dreams, hopes aspirations, etc. etc. In PROJECTS you can post things you have made. In DBC there are free designs. I hope you enjoy your time here with us. Love and blessings Chris

by chenille 25 May 2012

A belated WELCOME!! This is just the best site,bar none!
Hugs &*,Nadyne

by susiesembroidery 25 May 2012

Cuties is the website for friends who become like family, sharing our blessings and pain, our joys and cares. Wellcome and hope we hear from you soon.****

by cfidl 25 May 2012

Cute is a great place for info, freebies, and friends. Are you Ann? Live Laugh Download Stitch! christine

skyannsgranny by skyannsgranny 25 May 2012

Not Ann. Been called Granny for so many years that I'm not real sure what my real name is now! Even the mailman calls me Granny, and he's older than ME. My grans tell their friends, This is Granny. She's a softee for us kids.

greysewist by greysewist 25 May 2012

Well then 'Hello Granny' from me as well! Marianne in Australia.

by shirlener88 25 May 2012

We hope to get to know you better, too - what can we call you? My name is Shirlene

by zoefzoef 25 May 2012

Hello ! Welcome !

by noah 25 May 2012

welcome home!!

by cclark 25 May 2012

Glad you found us!