by debswebster 23 May 2012

After reading Kitties post about her machine jamming, a thought comes to mind, Do we have to oil our embroidery machines like our ordinary machines?? I have seized my overlocker motor once. I now turn the wheel manually to check if it is running smoothly.


by sewtired 26 May 2012

My HV dealer told me not to oil it. I'm supposed to bring it in for a yearly check-up and any lubrication it needs gets done then. Not a cheap way to go, but I'm not going to quibble about a hundred bucks on a several thousand dollar machine.

by pennifold 25 May 2012

My sewing machine never needs oiling. Husqvarna Designer. Love Chris

by mariahail 25 May 2012

some machines, like singers, need two drops of oil about every six months....

by castelyn 25 May 2012

My Manual also says no oil, but I do put a bit in every now and then.
Hugs Yvonne

by noah 24 May 2012

Well girls the main bushing or bearing need oiled that

by linda8450 24 May 2012

Viking stresses NO OIL EVER! I put a drop of oil on a piece of foil and dip a q-tip in it to rub around the bobbin race to attract dust. That's it! No places marked to oil like the older machines either. Linda

by joann13100 24 May 2012

If you have a manual for your machine, I'd check it and see what it says. The more you use the machine, the less frequently you have to oil it (or so they taught in sewing classes.) Usually there's a diagram of where to put oil also, so you don't miss any lubrication points.

by danababes 24 May 2012

I regreased my sewing machine (Janome) and overlocker (Bernette) with machine grease recently but haven't gotten around to my embroidery machine yet as I use my other two machines way more (yes, I hear the gasps from you all lol). Like others say, one drop of machine oil in the centre of the bobbin race for embroidery and sewing machines .. don't pull out the stuff that looks like lint right in the centre lol it's felt to absorb the oil (yeah did that before realising). Your overlocker should have a picture showing you where to oil regularly either in your manual or on a sticker inside the looper cover. hth :) xXx

by eyeztodiefor10 23 May 2012

I oil mine once in awhile, not as often as my sewing machine. It didn't say in my manual so I treat it like I do my regular sewing machine. Perhaps you should check with the manufacturer.

by cfidl 23 May 2012

I believe it depends on the brand and on the age. So check your manual. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by mary51 23 May 2012

I have a PC6500 and the Brother technitian oils the machine, he even show me the spots i could oiled i totally forgot it, i live close to the ocean so my machine needs to be oiled regularly

by anangel 23 May 2012

I understood, when I purchased my Brother PC8500D several years ago, that I should NOT oil the machine. I believe I read it in the manual, too. Now, I, also, have a commercial 15 needle machine, and it stresses in the manual to oil certain spots after so many hours of use, and how to oil it. Doesn't require but a drop or two!
Hugs, Angel

by blueeyedblonde 23 May 2012

My understanding is that mosts inside parts are self lubricating, but certain spots need a drop of oil (which is what the repairman does if you take it to him). My repairman, when I talked to him, said if people would just do regular maintenance on their machines (like cleaning out lint and loose threads and a drop of oil on the bobbin race and a couple of other spots that are moving parts).
There was a good video someone here had put a link of it on here a while ago, but somehow I lost it as I was going to go back and watch it again. It was probably on utube. I mentioned what she said to the repairman and he said that was correct.

by cclark 23 May 2012

Good question! Thanks for asking it. Thanks to those who answered too!

by susiesembroidery 23 May 2012

I understood that I should be oiling mine regularly. Will have to check with Bernina to hear what they say. It definately runs more smoothly after I have oiled it with one drop in the specified place at the bobbinrace. ****

by awesome1 23 May 2012

I understood we should not oil emb machines. Recently, when my baby was in for simple repair, I saw the man put oil in the bobbin race. I said, "I tho't we're not supposed to do that!" He replied, "That's why you bring it to us--so we can do it. I'm the repairman-if I break it, I will fix it"
Made me laugh.

by parkermom 23 May 2012

My owner's manual says not to oil mine. I let the shop take care of lubricating it and my embroidery unit when I take it in for its checkup.

by shirlener88 23 May 2012

I have never oiled mine - but I did have my DH check it once or twice and he did. I would ask the repairman on your next visit - how to and if he suggested it.