by skyannsgranny 23 May 2012

Hi. New here, couple of months. But then my computer started acting crazy, so just learning my way around. What do the flower things with the +beside them mean?


by hightechgrammy 24 May 2012

Hi and Welcome to Cuties! It looks like you received lots of flowers just for asking! Did anyone warn you that Cuties are addictive? Jan in Colorado

by lindaavolio 24 May 2012

WELCOME TO CUTE EMBROIDERY...I see you've gotten your answer...let us know if we can help.

by oigelcox 24 May 2012

Hi! Here is another one from Australia. welcome to cuties. Have a look at the top left of the screen under your name and see how many flowers are in your garden and watch them multiply. Enjoy. Hugs Joyce

by greysewist Moderator 23 May 2012

Welcome to Cute, from over here in Australia as well. You have an interesting name. I'm guessing you have a grandaughter named Skyann -or maybe a Sky and an Ann :) Hope you enjoy our company here.

by devon 23 May 2012

welcome to cute flower for you!!

by sewdeb 23 May 2012

WELCOME TO CUTE! I see you've gotten an answer (which Cuties are very good at giving, btw). I also see you have been forewarned that this place is addictive... just get comfortable and enjoy your stay! *'s for all

by eyeztodiefor10 23 May 2012

People give flowers for lots of reasons. First of all it's fun. Some use them as a marker for posts they've read and others just want to help another Cutie's garden to grow. I give flowers to everyone in a post I've read. I hate seeing zeros next to someones green flower so just click the flower and you've given that person one. It's a lot of fun. Welcome to Cute! I'm sure you're going to love it here. These gals are the best on the web!

by cclark 23 May 2012

Just a nice way to say "Thank you." Click the number and watch it turn orange.

by gerryvb 23 May 2012

welcome on this lovely Cute site. The answer is already given, so I just add some flowers here.

by awesome1 23 May 2012

Backatcha--hi--welcome aboard. You have your answers, we're glad to have you here. Show us some of your projects let us give you some flowers. Or post some questions we can answer or some info we can use--more flowers! Here's another to get you going***for you.

by parkermom 23 May 2012

Hello, and welcome. When I first joined, I didn't understand the flowers either. But now I'm like a little kid--always looking to see how many I have or if I can give one. You'll like it here--the people have been of great help to me.

by shirlener88 23 May 2012

Welcome skyannesgranny to the CUTE family. That is always the #1 question - they are for free and for fun- a way to makr that you have read a question, seen a PROJECT or downloaded a design from the Designs by Cuties (DBC). A sweet way to say thank you & I enjoyed what you said. If you see a green outline * - click on it and it will turn orange. The more that you comment on other's questions and projects - the easier it will be for us to give you a * and get to know you better.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 May 2012

just for the record - your question got 18* and you now have 59*

by castelyn 23 May 2012

Will just leave ***4all - hugs Yvonne

by rescuer Moderator 23 May 2012

I love this place! The flowers are a great way of showing you care and others care about you. Lesleyann covered all the reasons I can think of. You will find the Cuties here very helpful and it is the best online "family" to have. There is a grey checkmark next to the name of each original post. I click that (it changes color) so I can find the posts I have commented on easily.
Welcome to the family!

by mysugarfootswife 23 May 2012

Welcome. You will love the place.

by kryztyna 23 May 2012

Hi and welcome. The flowers are a way of saying HI, Thanks, read your post or comment, or just to acknowledge the participation of other cuties to a question. Here is another flower for you and for all who have responded to you comment. This is a wonderfully friendly place. We are family! Hugs Christine, Johannesburg

by lesleyann 23 May 2012

welcome to cute,you will love it here,very addictive,so beware!The flowers are a way of showing appreciation,sympathy,friendship or just a reminder to yourself of what youv'e read. jusy click on the flower of another cutie to give one,it will change to orange. Have a great time here,regards lesley (south africa)