by wp1012 19 May 2012

I have a problem with a Babylock machine. The safety device has been activated. I have checked for loose threads, the bobbin is in correctly, I have cleaned the thing the bobbin case sits in, rethreaded. I do not know what else can I check for. Can any other Cutie? Please help me. This all happened after I broke a needle. Thanks in advance. Peg


by dragonflyer 20 May 2012

Not sure which model you have, but I have the Ellisimo...I have had error messages in the past as well. I usually turn the machine off, unhook the embroidery unit, let it sit and then replug in and attached the embroidery unit then turn on...If your needle went through the bobbin case, it may have a burr that might be causing the sensor to engage. If you take an emory board, you can sometimes gently file down the burr on the bobbin case to smooth it out. My dealer has done this to my bobbin case and it has prevented me from having to buy another. Sometimes canned pressurized air can clean problem areas...If all else fails, call Babylock Customer Service and ask if a tech can help you solve over the phone. I have also done this and Baby Lock is very responsive. I have explained that I live in excess of 100 miles from my dealer so it's not a quick trip to get there...the Baby Lock Customer support is very good...I would ask them before I would take it to you dealer. Anyway, how can they charge you just to tell you what's wrong? My BL dealer will check out the machine for free and then tell me how much to call if I then want to spend the bucks! Even my dealer has helped me over the phone to solve many problems, including taking off the upper thread housing to remove thread shredding. Good Luck and keep us posted!

by sdrise 20 May 2012

Hi.. sorry none of the suggestions are working. I know how frustrating it can be. How old is the machine? If it is new or under warranty it should be no charge for the quick fix. They just look up the code and punch in the numbers and it is done. Keep us updated. Suzanne

by shirlener88 20 May 2012

Peg, if you have done - everything that everyone has suggested - the only thing that I can say - it try it again - make sure that you have cleaned the bobbin area - that there isn't something that is making the device turn on - for me - I have to take the plate off - unscrew the screws and then look inside - then put the plate back down and screw the place on - then unplug the machine and wait - and then plug it back in. Surely - if that doesn't work - you will have to have someone look at it - short of trying to lift it up and tip it over - just in case a part of the needle is broken off and sitting where you can't see it - maybe turning it over will help. Good luck.

by wp1012 20 May 2012


by justonlyme 19 May 2012

I've had the same thing happen. I had to take out the needle (since it was a bent needle that caused it) and finally just unplugged it because it wouldn't release the safety mechanism. After it sat for a couple of minutes without power, it was fine when I started it up again. Call your local dealer; they may be able to walk you through the problem if following the directions in your book doesn't help. Good luck.

wp1012 by wp1012 20 May 2012

I have changed the needle also and called them. I was hoping I could find the reason. And save money. Thanks.

theduchess by theduchess 20 May 2012

Same thing happened about 2 weeks ago.My bobbin thread was coming up and back of work was all snags.Unplugged ,Cleaned everything and it still was not happy. I left it alone for about 2 days working fine now.Goonies ???

by lbrow 19 May 2012

I have a Babylock Ellegante, in my machines manual it tells me how to reset the machine to the way it left the factory. Does your manual not tell you what to do when a safety device is activated? Also your machine is a computer, to reboot unplug the machine, don't just turn it off, you must unplug and wait a min or so then plug back in and see if that fixes it./Lillian

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wp1012 by wp1012 20 May 2012

It does. And I have tried everything. Also talked to the store that sold it to me. I was trying to fix it myself. Repair jobs are expensive.And my baby would not be with me. Thanks.

by ssampsel 19 May 2012

impressive safety feature.

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wp1012 by wp1012 20 May 2012

It is a good safety feature but it can also be a pain. Thanks.

by sdrise 19 May 2012

Turn the machine off and wait a few. Turn the machine back on. If this does not work you have to bring it to the dealer for the tech to unlock. This happens to protect the machine from damage. It happened once to me. It took the tech only a few minutes to reset the computer. they did not charge me to unlock it. Good luck... Suzanne

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wp1012 by wp1012 20 May 2012

He has been out of town. And the store has a back up on repairs. I have already done as you have suggested. But that does not work. They want $70 to look at it. Thanks I am going to cry now.

by mi30kaja 19 May 2012

Peg, This has happened to me. I have just turned the machine off and replaced the needle and it was OK after that. Wonder if the needle was loose and it bent the needle and broke it, then the safety device was activated?

wp1012 by wp1012 20 May 2012

Part of the needle was still in the machine when it broke. It broke in to 3 pieces. The middle piece landed on the back side of the machine. And the eye of the needle lodged in the side of the bobbin case. I had to use pliers to get it out. Thanks. More crying to do.

gordonhaasart by gordonhaasart 24 Jul 2020

I solved this problem with my wife’s baby lock. She calls me McGuiver. The holder for the bobbin was not seated correctly. This turned on the safety device. On the baby lock there is a small white arrow on the bobbin holder and a white dot on the machine, these need to be lined up. That should do it. Turn machine off and on and re thread the needle.