by lawmedassistant 15 May 2012

I would like to ask a favor from a digitizer. I need a rectangle the size of 1.04" x 6.97" (or close) w satin stitch around it. Working on something and I have been trying to enlarge and shrink and just can't quite get what I need. Thank you, deeply appreciate it. Hugs! ~Sherry~


by meganne 16 May 2012

OK, it's done! so shall I upload to DBC???

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 16 May 2012

yes please. thank you so much meganne, really really appreciate it. I'm spending the night with my daughter so I won't be able to stitch out until tomorrow night but I can spend today designing what I need it for - will post when finished. Thank you so much!!!!! Many hugs!

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 16 May 2012

so much!!!!! Many hugs!

meganne by meganne 16 May 2012

You are most welcome, sorry I didn't see your post earlier or you would have had it hours ago. :-)

by lawmedassistant 16 May 2012

Moving to the top to see if anyone can help. Still trying to resize, ugh! When I resize the long sides have thin satin stitch and the short ends are very wide ..... I really have to learn how to digitize, just don't have the time .... maybe when I retire from the horse rescue business ..... ummmmm, don't see that happening :) Thanks Cuties!